Rainbow Six Siege Developers Are Looking Into Apex Legends' Contextual Ping System

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Game director Leroy Athanassoff on Apex Legends' ping system: "we are looking at it."
Game director Leroy Athanassoff on Apex Legends' ping system: "we are looking at it." Ubisoft

Apex Legends, the newest battle royale game from EA, has seen unprecedented success since its launch a little less than a month ago. The entire gaming community had so much to say about the title, from its unique take on the stagnating gameplay of some battle royale games to the absence of pay-to-win mechanics that players have come to expect from the video game publishing giant EA. Surprisingly, what most people have agreed to be one of the game’s best features is the contextual ping system that allows players to effortlessly and seamlessly communicate with each other to enhance team-play and cooperation. The innovative ping system isn’t the first of its kind, the way it was implemented and its effectiveness in the genre has Rainbow Six Siege developers eyeing the revolutionary system for use in its own team-based online shooter.

Apex Legends' revolutionary context-ping system in action.
Apex Legends' revolutionary context-ping system in action. Apex Legends

In an interview with Stevivor at the 2019 Six Invitational, Rainbow Six Siege game director Leroy Athanassoff talked about the contextual-ping system and whether or not Ubisoft would be implementing a similar system. The answer was more than clear. During the interview, Athanassoff praised Apex Legends and said “they have set the benchmark, and we will have to try and set a new benchmark.” This is great news for Rainbow Six Siege fans, as a context-sensitive ping system will make for easier and more effective team communications and cooperation, which are both necessary to succeeding in a competitive game like Ubisoft’s team-based shooter.

While there are no concrete endeavors into the development and implementation of a contextual ping system just yet, Rainbow Six Siege developers are currently talking about it and brainstorming ways to implement it into their game.

Rainbow SIx Siege is a team-based online first-person shooter. Although similar in a lot of ways to Apex Legends, the latter is a Battle Royale title with different mechanics and gameplay systems. Despite the differences, it seems that Ubisoft and its fans have achieved a consensus that will sooner or later implement a context-based ping system that will improve team-play and cooperation in Rainbow Six Siege.

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