Rainbow Six Siege Celebrates Invitational With New Map, Battle Pass And Trailer

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A couple of days ago, Ubisoft released a cinematic trailer for Rainbow Six Siege's upcoming "Road to Six" Invitational. In the trailer, Ubisoft revealed that players will be getting to play an in-game event every weekend from January 15 through February 16. You will be able to play with Operators unlocked on a map called Stadium, designed specifically for the event. You will also notice some operators, Sledge, Thermite, Caveira, Blitz, Mozzie, and Hibana, decked out in special sportswear. Check out the amazing trailer below:

Last year, Ubisoft talked about introducing more story and lore elements into Rainbow Six Siege and a separate team is dedicatedl to working on this. It is evident that the team has been doing a phenomenal job in creating these realistic trailers. We are excited to see what the team is going to bring in the future. We wouldn't mind a CGI Rainbow Six Siege movie Ubisoft, just saying.

Even though Stadium is a part of the unranked playlist, it still abides by the ranked rules. The only difference is that you get all Operators unlocked for the map, even those you haven't unlocked. Even the pick and ban system still exists.

Additionally, a "Road to SI" Battle Pass can be purchased that consists of 35 unlockable tiers, including cosmetics for Operators. The Battle Pass also has a free track, but a premium track can be purchased for 1,200 credits, or $10, which automatically unlocks Sledge's SI Light Set. Buying the Premium Bundle for 2,400 credits unlocks the full uniform sets for Hibana and Caveira. If you own the Year 4 Season Pass, you get a 30% boost on Battle Pass points that you earn. Ubisoft has also said that a portion of the funds spent on the Battle Pass will go towards the Invitational tournament prize pool.

The Rainbow Six Siege Invitational 2020 takes place in Montreal, Canada from February 14 to 16

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