Rainbow Six is Coming to Mobile

New platform soon.
New platform soon. Ubisoft

Many video games that were only available on PC and consoles have since made their presence in mobile gaming. The latest to join this trend is Ubisoft with Rainbow Six.

Rainbow Six Mobile is going to be free-to-play available on Android and iOS. Some of the things players can expect include 5v5 matches on familiar maps like Border and Bank along with different game modes, such as Bomb and Secure Area. It's also going to offer voice chat and a single-tap ping system. Players should be happy to know that there will be cross-play between Android and iOS.

In an interview, Creative Director Justin Swan revealed that the mobile game is like the full-fat version of Rainbow Six Siege, which includes the Operators and their abilities. However, don't expect to see the entire roster in the mobile version. He also explained that the upcoming game serves as the mobile representation of the entire Rainbow Six franchise. This is why it's called Rainbow Six Mobile and not Rainbow Six Siege Mobile.

One difference is that the time-to-kill is set to be a bit slower. So, it takes 50% longer to take down enemies in the mobile version compared to Rainbow Six Siege.

Then there’s a down but not out or DBNO status. Swan cited that in Siege, players can revive another player. This is present in the mobile version, and it may lead to cool moments. It’s also retaining other things from Rainbow Six like the iconic weapons of different Operators.

Speaking of Operators, there’s still no word which will be included at launch. However, Swan did share that they’re taking the meta into consideration. The second consideration is popularity, so there's a high possibility that the likes of Thermite, Hibana, and even Mute could be the first Operators.

If you’re interested in the mobile version, sign up here to know more about what’s coming and the chance to join any upcoming tests.

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