Rainbow Six Siege Update Y7S1.1 Fixes Audio Issues and Team Deathmatch Bugs

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege Update Y7S1.1
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege Update Y7S1.1 Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege Update Y7S1.1 is coming on April 1. It’s a small update with a file size between 1.1 and 2.17 GB depending on the platform. The coming update will fix issues with audio, Team Deathmatch, and others.

Audio Issues

Sound is an important aspect of a shooter game because noise serves as clues to all players. So, if sounds are not synchronized with what's happening, players are likely to be confused. In R6 Siege, enemy footsteps weren't inconsistent making them unreliable to determine the actual distance of enemies or even allies. The upcoming small patch resolves it, though it may still occur when players are using the drone to scout.

Team Deathmatch Fixes

Team Deathmatch is a newly introduced mode, so of course, issues are present here and there. One problem is related to the audio, where attackers and defenders on the same team have louder sound effects. The upcoming small patch includes the needed fix.

Rainbow Six Siege Update Y7S1.1

  • An occasional error when attempting to repick an attacker after switching to another player's drone.
  • Team killing a player who joins a match in-progress causes the Reverse Friendly Fire icon to appear for the killed player instead of the team killer in the next round.
  • Players can aim down sights during the Victory Screen in TDM.
  • Promotional video is shown before finishing the introductory TDM video.
  • Player cards are only visible on first death.
  • Victory dances appear broken on operators with removed gadget models.
  • Respawn timer is longer than the visible countdown.
  • Mira's Black Mirror's canister is breakable from the opaque side of the Mirror with a melee hit.
  • Azami's Kiba Barriers don't destroy damaged barricades when the Barrier deploys.
  • Amaru can't use Garra Hook on a hatch when a Kiba Barrier covers the hatch from the bottom.
  • Placing a Deployable Shield on top of a Kiba Barrier that's near a destroyed hatch destroys both devices.
  • Going up a hatch covered by a Kiba Barrier doesn't destroy the Barrier.
  • Azami's Kiba Barrier can create small platforms to stand on in various locations.
  • Operators can land in a prone position on their stomach after being hit with a pushback effect.
  • Collision, destruction, clipping, and lighting issues for various Operators.
  • Various VFX and SFX issues with Operators and devices.

You can read more about the update here.

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