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Raft The Final Chapter
Raft The Final Chapter Steam

Raft is a game that takes you on an epic yet perilous journey across the vast sea. You can use a hook to gather debris and other resources, which you can use to improve your floating home, craft weapons, and make crop plots. Of course, a man-eating shark will occasionally be present in the vicinity that will eat you at a moment’s notice if you’re not careful.

Recently, Raft received its biggest patch ever called The Final Chapter, telling you the grand finale of the Raft storyline. Also, with this update, the game leaves Steam Early Access because the developers feel that it no longer needs the title.

New Locations

So, what does The Final Chapter have to offer? Well, it delivers three new destinations for you to find and explore. The first is Varuna Point - a place once deemed as the salvation for the elite but was ultimately abandoned because of the unforgiving sea.

The second is Temperance, a place covered in snow and is situated above water. It is home to a reactor built in hopes of addressing the problem of the rising oceans. After the reactor malfunctioned, most people fled for their survival but there are still those hoping to restore the reactor someday.

New Destination: Temperance
New Destination: Temperance Steam

There is a third place that the developers want you to find on your own. Perhaps doing the new story missions will help give you some clues to its whereabouts.

The Final Chapter offers plenty of new content, and some of the best ones are highlighted below:

  • 3 new small islands
  • 14 new achievements
  • Added Trading Posts to most large islands
  • Added food and drinks buff system with 6 different buffs
  • Added 4 new playable characters
  • Added 30 alternate character outfits
  • New enemies: Angler Fish, Scuttler, Polar Bear, Hyena, and 2 secret enemies
  • New Items:
    • Juicer
    • Drinking Glass
    • Electrical Grill
    • Electrical Smelter
    • Advanced Stationary Anchor
    • Advanced Biofuel Extractor
    • Wind Turbine
    • Recycler
    • Titanium Axe, Arrow, Hook, and Sword
    • Water Canteen
    • Advanced Headlight
    • Electrical Zipline Tool
    • Advanced Battery
    • Advanced Crop Plots in 3 sizes
    • Big Backpack
    • Advanced Collection Net
    • Trading Post Cassette
    • Fridge
    • Compass
    • Wardrobe
    • 28 vending machine decorational items
    • Added Turmeric, Juniper, and Chili for recipes
  • Added fishing bait menu and 3 different fishing baits
  • Adjusted all solid building block textures
  • Added voice playback for all story notes
  • Added a sort button to storage
  • New feature: Bonus thirst
  • New feature: Bonus health

The full patch notes can be found on Steam.

Raft: The Final Chapter is available on PC.

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