The Race Is Still On As Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled Launches Rustland Grand Prix

It's a post-apocalyptic world. Activision

It looked like the end had come and gone, but the race hasn't stopped. Get ready to enjoy a post-apocalyptic world as Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled introduces the Rustland Grand Prix. This new Grand Prix begins tomorrow, Janaury 16 at 10:00 a.m. EST. It offers a lot of new content like a new track, new customization items, and a new game mode, among others.

New Track

The new track is titled Megamix Mania and is a three lap competition. Set on a dusty road in the desert and near a factory hideout, the post-apocalyptic theme is highlighted even further with the chains, graffiti, and of course, the flames. For those who want to grab the win and get to race another day, be sure to keep your eyes on the road and do what you can to survive. The track has big canyons along with tight interiors and offers a lot of jump routes and boosts in order to keep things interesting. There are also shortcuts that give you the chance to get ahead of the others, so look out for those.

New Character

It's not just a new track, but also a new character. Get to meet Megamix, a rather terrifying mash-up of Neo Cortex, N. Gin, Dingodile, and Tiny Tiger. Fans may remember him from Crash Bandicoot: The Huge Adventure. Here's the thing though, he's not just a new character, but the 50th playable one in the game.

New Karts

When going through a post-apocalypse, the rule of thumb is to have a ride that's ready for the end of the world. Thus, the new Grand Prix is introducing three new karts. Two of them can be earned in Nitro Gauge while the third one can be unlocked in the Pit Stop.

Pit Stop

It may be the end of the world but there's always something new in the Pit Stop. There are eight skins that help you with that industrial punk-style look. There are also stickers, wheels, and paint jobs.

New Feature

The new feature arriving is the Goldern Wumpa Hunt. Prepare to race on any course and try to catch the Golden Wumpa Fruit, which is going to be hiding in glowing crates. Just follow the glow and then smash the crates in order to collect the fruit. Those who do are rewarded with a stash of Wumpa Coins. There are also going to be some Grand Prix challenges that are tied to getting these Golden Wumpas.

Grand Prix Season

In addition to all the new content available with the new Grand Prix, there are also a few new items available as well. Players who win some races earn Rustland versions of everyone's two favorite CTR TV newscasters, Chick n' Stew. Players can show pride in their country with flag stickers for karts. The stickers are unlocked immediately once the update has been downloaded.

Meanwhile, those that rank among the top in the Grand Prix earn the Champion Kart and Champion Decal.

So what are you waiting for? Time to start racing.

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