The Circus Is Coming To Town In Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled

The circus is in town.
The circus is in town. Activision

The newest season of Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled is here and it's all about the Neon Circus Grand Prix. Get to meet new characters and earn new karts by completing the Nitro Gauge challenges and be sure to try out the new track. There's also a new game mode coming.

New Mode

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled's newest game mode is called Ring Rally. This course puts you in the driver's seat against the best, which is of course, yourself. With this Local Arcade mode, you can test and hone your skills on each of the game's tracks.

What this mode does is once you start on a track, a clock starts counting down. You then need to speed through a track and hit rings that have been placed on the most optimal route. Each time you go through a ring you not only get a speed burst, but also have time added to the clock. You also earn a number of points.

With each lap, the rings get smaller. This means the challenge gets greater. However, your point total climbs the smaller the rings get. The only end to a Rally is when the clock runs out of time. The question is, do you have what it takes to get the highest score?

This new game mode is making its debut with this Grand Prix, but is going to remain part of the game indefinitely.

New Characters

This season introduces some fan favorite original Crash Tag Team Racing drivers along with a Crash universe baddie. Pasadena O’Possum and Ebenezer Von Clutch join the Pit Stop rotation. Koala Kong, meanwhile, headlines the Nitro Gauge reward set.

Meet the new characters.
Meet the new characters. Activision

This season Golden Eggs are going to be littered across the hubs in Adventure Mode at one egg per hub. Collect all eggs and bring them to the very special fresco fond in the Lost Ruins hub in order to unlock none other than King Chicken.

New Track

As the circus rolls into town, celebrate it with the latest track in Koala Carnival. Race around this big top spectacle while dodging the cannons bursting around you and avoiding the blasts of fire coming from the ground.

Test your luck in the track.
Test your luck in the track. Activision

New Ride

Of course, what would make a new season better than having a new ride? How about three? Get the chance to race with the best by getting the Nitro Bumper Kart in the Pit Stop. You can also experience a throwback with the Pressurizer, which can be earned through the Nitro Gauge. If you're feeling a bit brave, earn the Daredevil in the Nitro Gauge as well.

Get behind the wheel of these new rides.
Get behind the wheel of these new rides. Activision

New Items

There's a lot of new things in the Pit Stop, such as neon wheels, circus-themed skins, and even Animated Paint Jobs.

The first weekend of the new season is also introducing a new bundle type known as the Last Chance Bundle. If there's any Spooky Grand Prize rewards you weren't able to unlock in the past season, this bundle gives you the chance unlock those items even if the new season is has already started.

New items at the Pit Stop.
New items at the Pit Stop. Activision

The Last Chance Bundle is set to be an ongoing addition to the Pit Stop for the first weekend of each new Grand Prix. What this means is that on the first weekend, players get another chance to unlock any remaining items from the prior Grand Prix in one go with the Last Chance Bundle before select items are added to the Pit Stop rotation at a later time.

While there's only going to be one Last Chance Bundle once each season starts, this weekend is going to offer two Last Chance Bundles with the Spooky Grand Prix and Spyro & Friends Grand Prix.

New Competition

Alongside all the fun and games, the new season also brings competition. Like in the past Grand Prix seasons, the Championship and Nitro Leaderboards are going to reset. The Championship Leaderboard tracks player’s performance through a points-based system while the Nitro Leaderboard tracks total Nitro Points earned during a Grand Prix season.

New challenges are here.
New challenges are here. Activision

Crash Team Racing Grand Prix – Neon Circus is already live so take to the tracks and have fun.

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