A Quiet Place Video Game is Being Developed

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Science fiction and horror fans rejoice! It’s been revealed that a video game adaptation of the film A Quiet Place is in development. This is going to be a single-player and story-driven game. It’s being made by Saber Interactive that teamed up with iLLOGIKA and EP1T0ME.

As the first official video game set in the universe of A Quiet Place, players can expect it to have an original story and gameplay. The game hopes to capture the suspense, drama, and emotion that the franchise is known for. It’s coming out sometime in 2022.

In a statement, iLLOGIKA Creative Director Hervé Sliwa revealed that this game will let players experience the same tensions as in the film, along with the level of immersion never felt before. He added that they are excited to work with EP1T0ME and Saber to bring this unique vision to life.

Meanwhile, Saber Interactive Head of Publishing Todd Hollenshead said that the success of the films proved that people want to experience and learn more about this particular universe. He went on to say that this is going to be the first game they’re releasing by an external studio.

No other details regarding this game have been revealed as of this time. There’s also no word as to what platform the game will be launched on. You can check out any updates on their official website or Twitter page.

The Movie

The game is based on the movie of the same title. It is directed by John Krasinski, who also stars in the film. Joining him are stars Emily Blunt, Millicent Simmonds, and Noah Jupe. Released in 2018, the film focuses on the story of a father and mother who struggle to survive and raise their children in a world overrun by aliens who are blind but have an acute sense of hearing. The film was both a critical and financial success.

A sequel titled A Quiet Place 2 was released in May 2021 with Cillian Murphy joining the cast.

What do you think about this game? Will it really capture what the films offered?

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