Bluepoint Games Finally Acquired by Sony, New IP in Development

Demon's Souls
Demon's Souls Sony PlayStation

Bluepoint Games, the developer of Demon Souls Remake, has now been acquired by Sony. This has been a long time coming. The developer has been working with Sony for several years now, which must be why Sony is confident in its purchase.

Previous Works

Bluepoint Games has predominantly worked on remakes and remasters of existing titles. They were behind Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, God of War Collection, Gravity Rush Remastered, and Shadow of the Colossus Remake. They have also worked on Metal Gear Solid HD Collection for both PS3 and Xbox 360. These titles just show that they have quite a talented team.

Their most recent game, Demon Souls Remake, received critical reception from both fans and critics. It was also a launch title on PlayStation 5.

New IP in Development

The acclaimed developer also announced that it will now be working on an original IP. So, expect its next title to be an original, not a remaster or a remake.

“Our next project, we're working on original content right now. We can't talk about what that is, but that's the next step in the evolution for us,” Bluepoint President Marco Thrush said in an interview.

It’s safe to say that the unannounced game is probably years away, as the developer shipped a major game just last year.

Other Sony Acquisitions

It’s not a secret that Microsoft was on a shopping spree. They shocked the industry by purchasing Bethesda for $7.5 Billion . Now, it looks like Sony is doing the same, with Bluepoint being the fourth acquisition made this year. They purchased Housemarque, the developer of Returnal, earlier this year.

They also purchased Nixxes Software that focuses on PC ports of video games. Another studio, Firesprite, was acquired this September. The year is not over yet, so we won’t be surprised if Sony acquired more.

So what do you think? Are you excited about the new IP Bluepoint Games is developing? Or would you rather they stick with remakes and remasters? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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