A Quick Guide On Harry Potter: Wizards Unite SOS Training

Learn more about this new feature.
Learn more about this new feature. Niantic

Two weeks back, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite introduced what was called the Statute of Secrecy Training or SOS Training. This new feature is made available to wizards at least level 4 or higher and hopes to allow the same wizards to expand their magical range. Today we look at how you can go through this interesting addition to the game.

The first thing you need to do is open your Suitcase and look for the Training button, which was once the Professions button. With this you should be able to look at everything that’s related not only to the SOS Training, but also to your selected Profession.

By default, you should be able to see the lessons in a skill tree format. The good news is that the lessons are tied to your player level. This means that if you’ve been playing a while, a number of these lessons should already be unlocked.

Each SOS Training lesson is going to have potential upgrades that need different resources in order to be unlocked. In addition to the Restricted Section books, there are also new resources which are:

  • Field Guides
    • These are obtained by returning Foundables.
  • Ministry Manuals
    • These are obtained when you place images in the Registry.
  • Defense Against the Dark Arts books
    • These are earned by taking part in in-game events.

The first lesson is Mastery and is unlocked at level four. These refer to how powerful your spells are, which means that the more you level up Mastery, the easier it becomes to overpower Confoundables and return Foundables. You can also make use of Mastery for specific Foundable families. For example, if you’re having problems in Magical Games and Sports Foundables then invest in that to be able to return Foundables in this family faster.

At level five Field Charms are unlocked. These can be cast directly on the map itself. A Trace Charm, for example, not only reveals existing Traces, but also additional ones that are nearby. The Inn Charm, meanwhile, helps Inns generate Spell Energy. There’s also the Greenhouse Charm which lets you conjure rare potion ingredients.

Speaking of potion ingredients, there are no new ones. However, there are going to be two ways to boost Potions. The first is Potion Effect which enhances the effectiveness of specific Potions. For example, Healing Potions are going to give even more health. Brew Time Reduction, as the name implies, lowers the overall time needed to brew any Potion.

A new skill that should interest wizards is Departure Denial. While they’re not really going to deny those Pixies from running away, it’s going to make them stay for a bit longer. This should be just enough for you to be able to return whatever Foundables they are guarding.

Finally, there is the Reward Upgrades skills. This happens when you invest three such skills. Some upgrades increase your chances at getting high-Spell Energy foods when dining at Inns. There are also rewards that increase your chances at Gifts earned from Inns, Greenhouses, and Fortresses.

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