Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Is All Set To Introduce New SOS Training Skill Trees

Ready to learn new skills?
Ready to learn new skills? Niantic

Looks like wizards around the world are getting that needed help in fighting against the Calamity as Harry Potter: Wizards Unite announced that there’s going to be a new set of SOS (Statute of Secrecy) Training skill trees. With new and unique lessons, players are sure to be able to expand their magical range. While these are going to be available to wizards regardless of what profession they chose, they need to be at least level 4.

So what are these new skills? First off there’s Mastery, which results in making your spells even more powerful. This is a good choice for those who want to have a better chance when going against Confoundables. Then there’s also what’s known as Departure Denial, which should be rather self-explanatory. But just in case, this skill allows you to lower the chances of a Foundable from feeling.

Meanwhile, Potion Brewing Enhancement is excellent for those who want to not only boost the strength of their potions, but also shorten the time needed to brew them. With this up your sleeve, you’re sure not to get any point deduction from Professor Snape.

What else are up for grabs? Field Charms is another interesting skill. It allows wizards to cast new spells directly on the map in order to reveal nearby bonuses that include, among many others, Traces, Spell Energy, and Potion ingredients. Another skill is the Inn Charm which, when cast on Inns, results in some extra Spell Energy. The same can be said for the Greenhouse Charm which when cast on Greenhouses, lets wizards conjure rare Potion Ingredients.

Wizards that want to unlock all of these unique skills need to develop their magical potential in the SOS Task Force. The Ministry of Magic also revealed that the SOS Task Force is going to be providing Field Guides, Ministry Manuals, and Defense Against the Dark Arts books. These three new resources can be collected and used alongside existing Restricted Section Books in order to unlock the new skills. The good news is that Field Guides and Ministry Manuals can be obtained by simply returning Foundables and then placing the image in the Registry. For the Defense Against the Dark Arts books, these can only be earned by taking part in in-game events.

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