Questland Secret Friend Codes List: 50+ Codes To Use And Share

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Looking for Questland Secret Friend Codes to help you unlock rewards? Check out our list of 50+ codes, here. Player.One

After a year in soft launch, last week Gamesture released their impressive mobile RPG, Questland, worldwide. While Questland is a free-to-play offering, the developers have done an excellent job of balancing enjoyable and accessible gameplay with the need to turn a profit. While in-app purchases are available, they are not necessary for progression or enjoyment of the game. In fact, Questland is probably one of the more generous free-to-play games I’ve tested in a while, with tons of daily prizes and incentives to log in regularly.

Questland also includes a great rewards system for players who invite friends to the game. After you’ve made your way through the early stages, you’ll be given a secret friend code to share with any Questland friends. If they enter your code into their friend list, they receive a reward and so do you! Similarly, if you enter a friend’s secret code on your list, both of you receive rewards. While entering even just one secret friend code into your list will earn you valuable gems for purchasing chests, the more you enter, the more you earn.

Finding tons of real-life friends who play the same mobile games can be tricky, but thankfully, the internet has ways of bringing us all together. Below we’ve included a listing of all the Questland secret friend code rewards you can earn, along with a list of more than 50 codes we’ve tested and found to work. You can only use 30 codes to receive all the rewards in the list.

For those who are new to the game and want others to use your code to earn the second set of friend rewards, post your code to the comments below. We’ll add them to the top of the list. Enjoy the list and happy questing!

Questland Secret Friend Code Rewards

questland, codes, secret, friend, list, iOS, android, cheats, tips, guide
You can use up to 30 secret friend codes to earn rewards in Questland. Photo: Player.One

Rewards For Using Secret Friend Codes

There are five different rewards for entering secret friend codes into your friend list. If you aren’t sure how to get to the friend code list, it’s found under the “More” tab at the bottom of the game screen. Once you’ve tapped on more, tap on “Secret Code,” then go to “Friend Code” to enter up to 30 of the codes below. Here are the rewards you can receive, depending on how many codes you enter:

  • 1 code - 100 gems

  • 3 codes - golden chest key

  • 8 codes - 200 gems

  • 16 codes - eternal chest key

  • 30 codes - 300 gems

Rewards For Referring Friends

In addition to receiving rewards for entering secret friend codes in Questland, you also get rewards when others use your code. Up to 30 people can use your code, allowing you to get these rewards:

  • 1 code - 600 gems

  • 3 codes - 3 eternal chest keys

  • 8 codes - 1200 gems

  • 16 codes - legendary “resurrection force” orb

  • 30 codes - 2000 gems

If you want people reading this post to use your code, be sure to share it in the comments section and we’ll add it to the top of our list.

Questland Secret Friend Codes

questland, codes, secret, friend, list, iOS, android, cheats, tips, guide
By sharing your secret friend code with others, you can get even more rewards in Questland. Photo: Player.One

  • S75JZ9GM6






  • 9TDZ2U5CH

  • B59ASRYW3

  • Z8UY56W42

  • PB49ZAH3W



  • D65D2FGAS

  • 25ZX6S5HT



  • 8NZWN99ZV


  • 7724RPY5H



  • 92MHJSG5B


  • GP9EQ38CR




  • 2EDS6C9TY



  • 5Q69P6ND9

  • 8SZW4C3EC

  • PP7GG52R2




  • AZH3BVA22

  • 7CC74F6SW






  • MBBR3S2T3

  • 2755H4EYN

  • W64AZXBD3


  • 4ADC7G8UQ



  • Z5Z5G2YGH

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