PUBG Update 8.3 Introduces Ferries To Erangel

See new things are arriving this time.
See new things are arriving this time. PUBG

With Season 8 almost over, PUBG is making the most of the remaining time as it plans to drop some interesting changes. For one, Erangel is set to have a new ferry system. There is also going to be a new item that can prevent any damage in the Blue Zone. Players can also look forward to the new Assist System.

All Aboard!

For those who can remember, PUBG added four docks to Erangel when it released Update 8.2. No doubt many players were wondering what their purpose was. Turns they’re going to be used for a new ferry system.

A new way to travel.
A new way to travel. PUBG

Here are the mechanics of this new feature:

  • Ferries allow players to board and travel via two set routes between the Erangel Mainland and Sosnovka Island.
    • Each route has two Ferries.
  • Each Ferry departs from the docks with the first phase of the Blue Zone.
  • Once arriving at a dock, ferries stay docked for approximately 20 seconds before taking to the sea en route to their destination.
    • Ferries sound a horn seven seconds prior to arrival and departure.
  • Ferries are not available in Ranked Mode or Esports Mode in Custom Matches.

Pump Up the Jammer

The Jammer Pack is finally going to make its official debut in PUBG. This new item can prevent Blue Zone damage for a short period of time, but at the expense of having a level 3 bag space.

Be protected.
Be protected. PUBG

Here are the other details of this new item:

  • The Jammer Pack uses its energy to temporarily prevent players from taking damage from the Blue Zone.
    • A new energy bar for the Jammer Pack is going to be displayed on screen once equipped.
  • Once all energy has been depleted, the Jammer Pack functions only as a regular backpack, not giving any protection against the Blue Zone.
    • Energy depletes more quickly as the Blue Zone deals more damage.
  • Available in Normal and Custom Matches as rare world loot spawn on Karakin and Sanhok.
    • Also obtainable from the Sanhok Loot Truck

Assist System

Another interesting feature that players can look forward to is the Assist System. Once Update 8.3 goes live, assists are going to be tracked in Normal Matches in addition to Ranked Mode matches. An Assist UI has also been added to Ranked Mode, Normal Matches in Duos/Squads, and team modes in Battle Royale Custom Matches.

So how does one earn an assist? Well, a player needs to deal at least 25 damage to an enemy who is then killed soon after by a teammate. Players are also granted an assist for enemies knocked down within 60 seconds of them dealing the minimum damage, who are then later killed by one of their teammates, without being revived beforehand. Assists also apply when these conditions are met in situations where an enemy dies instantly, due to being the last member alive in their team or squad.

You can learn more about the different changes arriving with Update 8.3 here.

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