PUBG Is Free For PS Plus Members This Month

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Exciting times for PS players.
Exciting times for PS players. PUBG

PUBG is now free for PlayStation Plus members. The popular battle royale was already made free on September 1 and can be downloaded for all PS Plus subscribers through October 5.

But what if you already have PUBG, you ask? Well, you can get an exclusive DLC pack, also for free. This is going to be the PS Plus Drop Pack, which contains:

  • [BATTLESTAT] Rip Tide – SLR
  • Killer Clown Set
  • Five Levels

This one is going to be available from August 31 to October 6.

That’s not all, as PS Plus Members get a 10% discount on G-coins. This promotion is going to run from September 1 to October 6.

What about for Xbox players? Well, PUBG said that they have something planned for October. For those who can’t wait, not to worry since there are September Weekend Login Events for all platforms. All players need to do is login and play PUBG during the weekends in order to earn the free rewards. These are:

  • September 4–6
    • Reward: School Shirt
  • September 11–13
    • Reward: Mandarin Jacket (Black)
  • September 18–20
    • Reward: Pleated Mini-skirt (Black)
  • September 25–27
    • Reward: Velcro Trainers

Update 8.2

Getting PUBG for free right now is actually great timing. The game recently released update 8.2 which not only brought some visual improvements, but also introduced new weapons.

There’s the new MG3 Light Machine Gun which comes with two rates of fire. It also has tracer rounds which help players track their spray. Then there is the new Decoy Grenade throwable weapon. This weapon mimics gunshot sounds for 10 seconds and even ejects shell casing in order to add to the illusion of real gunfire.

New additions include the four docks added to Erangel. There are also a number of Quality of Life Improvements like the Helmet Hide Function. With this, players can toggle off their helmet in order to maintain their costume looks. This is mainly a cosmetic function.

If you’re the type to follow the PUBG esports scene, then the new changes should also excite you. The Esports Tab has been updated to not only include PCS2 information, but even the next Pick em Challenge. Don’t take too long as this new tab is only available until September 23.

Learn more about update 8.2 here.

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