PUBG Title Update 8.1 To Introduce Loot Truck Along With Changes To The Gas Can

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Fight for the loot.
Fight for the loot. PUBG

PUBG looks set to release Update 8.1 next week. There’s going to be a new way for players to gear up with the Loot Truck along with changes to some items. It’s also going to mean the arrival of a new season plus a new Survivor Pass.

The biggest change coming with the update is on the Sanhok map. The map received some major balance updates. Changes include adding Panzerfaust to the world and removing C4 from the map. That’s not all as the map itself does have a lot of interesting changes. You can read more about the new Sanhok map here.

A new way to gear up

So what does the Loot Truck offer? Well, it’s a new way to gear up, though it comes with its own risks. These trucks are going to spawn in one of the many garages on the island and drive along roads. Players get the chance to attack the trucks and as the trucks take damage, they drop some loot and go on their way. Those who do manage to destroy the truck get rewarded with an even bigger cache of weapons, along with gear for you and the entire squad. Here are the details:

  • A maximum of four Loot Trucks spawn at the start of the match.
    • Each truck spawns separately inside one of the special garages scattered across the map.
  • When a truck is destroyed, a new one spawns from the garage.
  • A total of eight Loot Trucks spawn in a single match.
  • Loot Trucks can be damaged and destroyed with weapons/throwables.
    • Due to its heavy armor the truck takes reduced damaged compared to other vehicles.
  • Small or large lootable containers fall from the truck as it’s damaged.
  • Once destroyed, Loot Trucks explode and give access to a large amount of top tier loot.
    • This includes possible exclusive weapon loot.
  • Exclusive weapons are pre-skinned, specially named weapons decked out with attachments.
  • For now Loot Trucks do not spawn in Ranked Matches.

Light them up

Improvements to the Gas Can were last released with update 7.2. So what’s new with Update 8.1?

Gas Cans can now be equipped in the melee weapon slot. To pour gas on the ground, simply press the “attack” button. It will take seven seconds to empty the Gas Can.

Light things up.
Light things up. PUBG

In terms of appearance, the spilled fuel was easy to spot making it difficult to create an ambush. With the new update, the fuel now blends much better into the environment. Once lit, it now splatters in puddles with the flaming area similar to that of a Molotov. The spilled fuel can be set on fire with molotovs, grenade explosions, and even gunshots.

Other changes to this item include:

  • Deals less initial damage.
  • Deals maximum 40 damage.
  • Scales down with distance from the explosion.
  • Sets nearby area on fire like a Molotov and deals damage over time.

You can read the other changes that are set to arrive with the update here.

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