PUBG Is Preparing A Return To Sanhok With Some Massive Changes

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Major map changes coming.
Major map changes coming. PUBG

PUBG announced that Season 8 is almost here and players need to prepare for what are clearly massive changes to the Sanhok map. The new season is also going to mark the beginning of a new Ranked Season along with a new Survivor Pass. All of these are arriving with Update 8.1, which launches to live serves on July 22.

Sanhok has been reworked from scratch in order to not only give it a better look, but also bring with it more balanced gameplay. Take for example Bootcamp. The reworked version offers a lot of lines of sight for those who want long range fights while also giving cover for players in order to move on opponents. Then there are also the underground areas for those who prefer some close quarters action. The change was made to heighten the risk versus reward gameplay.

Better fights are here.
Better fights are here. PUBG

For those who remember Quarry, they probably still feel the rather imbalanced experience. With Update 8.1, this is not only been made more fair, but also brings with it some fun. The stone blocks, for example, are now larger, making them good cover from enemies who are on high ground. There’s also some rope bridges added to give players the choice to cross through the area without having to go around.

Time for some interesting strategies.
Time for some interesting strategies. PUBG

A big change is the Mognai, the farm area located in the Northeast. Since it didn’t get the needed attention in the past, it has been turned into an Airfield. Just to spice things up and make sure that some players consider dropping on this part of the island, the Airfield has a chance to spawn the Motor Glider.

Prepare to find something special.
Prepare to find something special. PUBG

The docks have also been change and are now known as the Gateway. While the docks were fun, it was found out to be low when it came to the loot department. This is now a loot packed resort town that features a boardwalk, poolside bars, and even Sanhok’s premiere dance club.

Looks like a tourist trap.
Looks like a tourist trap. PUBG

Other additional changes include:

  • Ruins
    • The area has been reworked to make the ruins massive with a lot of loot offered for those brave enough to raid its treasures.
  • Mountain
    • There’s now additional pathways that allow players to reach the top along with some flanking options.
  • Cave
    • The cave still has the vertical pool drop but there is now a subterranean temple added.
  • River
    • There are now more bridges for players to cross plus additional cover on some of the existing bridges.
  • Pai Nan/Kaho/Shamee/Kampong
    • Verticality has been added along with interesting things to explore. These towns also offer new ways to fight.
  • Bhan
    • Originally underused and a pain to look at.
    • This one has been removed and is now composed of a normal set of houses.

What do you think of these changes?

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