PUBG Making Changes in Reputation System with Upcoming Update

Changes are coming.
Changes are coming. PUBG

It looks like there’s no stopping PUBG from trying to find ways to make the gameplay experience even better for everyone. Update 10.3 is currently on the test server and players can expect some improvements to the Reputation System. That said, we’ll also take a quick look into the other changes arriving with this new update.

Reputation System

It was in Update 10.2 when PUBG introduced the Reputation System, which assigns players a certain Reputation Level depending on their attitude to others. You can learn more about this new system here. While there’s no question that it was indeed a step in the right direction, some players have made it known that the penalties were quite harsh.

As such, some tweaks are introduced with Update 10.3. In Normal Matches, for example, players no longer have their reputation impacted negatively when they exit a match while in the starting area. The only condition is that they exit before boarding the plane.

For Ranked Match, that won’t be the case as players can lose reputation but there are two exceptions. The first is that players can leave a Ranked Match for up to five minutes once the plane has taken off and not lose reputation if the matchmaking provided them with a random teammate who has exited the match.

Besides, there won't be any reputation lost if the matchmaking fails to provide players with at least one random teammate after they queue for Ranked Squads.

Kicking AFK Players

Like in Team Death Match, players who AFK in Training Mode will be removed from the session though they do have a 10-second warning before it happens. Players who get kicked out will receive a message on why they’ve been removed.

Emote Together

One improvement that some players could be excited about is the emotes, which they can do with their whole squad. Here are the details of this new feature:

  • You can sync-up emotes with other players within a 15-meter radius of your character in the game or in the lobby.
    • You can choose to stop emoting at any time, independent of the person who had initiated the emotes.
    • Free-look camera is supported while emoting in third-person perspective only.
  • Players can view each emote and the maximum number of players who can sync-up with them at once under Customization, Emotes, and on the main menu.
  • Players are unable to use other interactions while emoting, such as vaulting or picking up items.

Improved Store Experience

PUBG is also making improvements to the store to offer a more intuitive experience. The G-Coin messaging has been improved on purchases to make sure that players can know the value of their G-Coin purchase. In the past, for instance, any of the bonus G-Coin was bundled into simply one G-Coin total. With this change, the bonus G-Coin is now displayed as an independent figure.

Additionally, there's a new Currency Filter that players can use to browse and sort different items with either G-Coin or BP.

These are just some of the improvements set to arrive with Update 10.3. You can view the complete list of changes here.

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