PUBG Bringing Back Paramo in Update 11.1

Learn what Emergency Pickup is all about.
A new patch is coming.
A new patch is coming. PUBG

PUBG announced that Update 11.1 is on the PC test server. Players should be happy to know that it’s bringing back Paramo. There’s also a new feature known as Emergency Pickup along with updates to the Mastery Medal.

Paramo Returns

PUBG revealed that Paramo is back to Normal and Custom matches, and this is based mainly on player feedback. Some updates have been introduced to the map as well:

  • The terrain on Paramo still has the random elements and now has an extra randomized location possibility.
  • Increased item spawn rates in the Secret Room and Care Package Helicopter.
  • Improved terrain and added additional cover to fields.

These are the details for matches concerning the Paramo map:

  • Normal Matches
    • Up to 64 players can play in a match (bots included).
    • Supports both TPP and FPP in Solo/Duo/Squad.
  • Custom Matches
    • Now available in Custom Matches.
    • Added Secret Room Key to spawn options.

Mastery Medals

Once the new update drops, it’s introducing 10 new types of Mastery Medals. Details include:

  • While the first medal update focused on killing skills in battle, the update adds medals that focus on multiple combat situations and playstyles.
  • Medals now apply for:
    • missed victories.
    • taking down a whole enemy squad.
    • coming out on top in certain unlucky situations.
    • working well with the team.

The Mastery Medals are available on both Normal and Ranked matches, and can’t be obtained in Arcade, Labs, and Custom matches.

Emergency Pickup

The newest feature to be introduced by the upcoming update is the Emergency Pickup. Once deployed, it releases a Fulton Balloon from its bag. After the Balloon is up in the air and fully inflated, an airplane then arrives in 60 seconds. While waiting for the plane, a maximum of four players can attach themselves to the Fulton Balloon rope. When the plane arrives, it catches the Balloon and then hoists players up before making its way to the Safe Zone’s center. If this happens, players can expect these:

  • Once picked up by the plane, players won’t be able to shoot.
  • Players on the rope can receive damage and this means they are vulnerable to mid-air attacks from a Motor Glider.
  • Players can detach from the rope at any time and deploy the parachute.
  • At an altitude of fewer than 50 meters, the parachute cannot be deployed.
  • The camera is locked in TPP for the duration of the journey.
A new way to travel.
A new way to travel. PUBG

Additionally, there are two important things to remember when using the Emergency Pickup. First, make sure that the area is clear of any obstacles and you have a clear view of the sky. And second, it can’t be used before the first circle and after the fourth circle.

The Emergency Pickup can only be found on Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, and Vikendi. You can carry it in your inventory, and some of its effective uses are:

  • Stuck deep in the Blue Zone or are otherwise unable to outrun it.
  • Have to cross an open field with little cover while engaging another team.
  • When you and your teammates want to find a safer looting location.

What do you think of these main changes arriving with Update 11.1? You can read all the changes here.

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