PUBG Season 10 Ranked Mode Ending March 31

Season 10 ending soon.
Season 10 ending soon. PUBG

Season 10 of PUBG is all set to officially end on March 31. That’s less than three weeks away but it should be enough for those who still want to grab those rewards. Just remember that the rewards are all based on the final rank when the season ends.

Ranked Mode Rewards

So what’s up for grabs in Season 10? Those who manage to reach at least Gold Tier V get an exclusive Vehicle Skin for the Mirado. Meanwhile, those who reach at least Diamond V not only get that exclusive skin but also the exclusive Parachute Skin.

Players also get an emblem that matches their rank when the season ends. The Top 500 players for each region for example can commemorate their achievement with the special TOP 500 emblem. The emblems are now shown on the player’s PUBG ID and displayed to enemies that they take out successfully. These same emblems are also going to be visible in the player’s PUBG ID in death cams and spectator screens.

A Quick Recap of Season 10

Season 10 was released in December 2020 and introduced the new Haven map. Despite the name though, the map is anything but safe. Haven is a small and dense urban map that’s under the control of an enemy faction.

For the Ranked Mode, there were changes made that included:

  • The method used to calculate RP changes for Ranked matches was reworked to improve the player experience and reduce fatigue.
  • The overall pace of gaining/losing RP was increased to reduce grind and now base its performance compared to the player's current Rank.
  • Players now could more accurately predict how many games they would need to win or lose in a row to reach a given Rank.

New Season

Once Season 10 ends, it means the start of a new one. While no details have been revealed, the PUBG Dev Team did say that there will be a change to the overall Ranked Season timetable for Season 11.

What are you waiting for? Time to rank up to get those rewards. Read more about Season 10 here.

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