PUBG Is Offering A New Experience With the Battle Bride Pass

Changes have been made to Regional Matchmaking.
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Learn more about the lore.
Learn more about the lore. PUBG

PUBG is offering everyone a new experience with the Battle Bride Pass. While the typical Battle Pass has a seasonal theme, this one focuses on a single character. In addition, players can progress independently from the Survivor Pass. Overall, this one is going to offer 15 levels for everyone to complete by earning XP.

The Battle Bride Pass follows the story of Sadiya, the hero from Karakin’s lore. The pass lets players unlock some of her iconic skins that were already previewed in the PUBG motion comics.

Here are the other details of this new pass:

  • Exclusive page
    • Battle Bride Pass only has a premium track which becomes available after purchase.
  • ​Progression
    • There are no missions for the Battle Bride Pass.
    • However, players can climb through the pass via XP gained from gameplay.
      • Max level to collect all rewards is level 15.
    • Level-up coupons cannot be used in the pass.
      • Players can still buy levels with G-Coin.
    • The Battle Bride Pass is available starting November 18 until December 16.
    • The Battle Bride Pass period runs for 28 days from the date of purchase.

Patch 9.2

The Battle Bride Pass is going to arrive with Patch 9.2, which is introducing the Dirt Bike to give players some of that offroad action. Speaking of action, the new patch is also set to introduce Driver Shooting, which is something many players have long requested. You can read more about those changes here.

One change that’s also coming is focused on Regional Matchmaking. Back in Update 9.1, PUBG introduced the Solo Ranked Mode. Some queue options were removed as well, with the intention of improving the overall health of matchmaking. In a post, the team said that it had received feedback on this and as a result they “have adjusted matchmaking options to open back up some of those modes for certain regions, while still providing the best gameplay experience for players.”

The reopened queues are:

  • AS
    • FPP: Solo
  • KRJP
    • FPP: Duo
  • SEA
    • FPP: Solo, Duo
  • EU
    • TPP: Duo
  • RU
    • TPP: Duo
  • OC
    • TPP: Duo
    • FPP: Duo

Indeed, there is a lot coming with Patch 9.2, and we’re going to go over all these changes in the next couple of days, so watch out for that.

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