PUBG Introducing A Dirt Bike And Driver Shooting

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Time to go offroad.
Time to go offroad. PUBG

PUBG is set to introduce two features that players are sure to love. The first is the single-seater Dirt Bike, which is basically the light version of the Motorbike. The second feature is something that has long been requested, which is driver shooting. Both of these features, along with other improvements, are set to arrive with Patch 9.2, which is currently live on the Test Server

Hit the Road

As already mentioned, this is pretty much the Motorbike lite. The dirt bike comes with its own independent clutch system in order to rev the engine along with enahnced suspension to make it better for offroading. This new single seater is going to spawn on all maps with the exception of Karakin. The dirt bike is available in Normal, Custom Matches, and even Training Mode.

Here are some of its characteristics:

  • Great acceleration with a top speed of 130 km/h.
  • Off-road suspension provides superb performance on uneven terrain compared to other vehicles.
  • Outstanding maneuverability with the ability to disengage the clutch when handbraking to block auto-gearbox and allow hard turns while preserving engine RPM and momentum.
  • Added ability to alter pitch using Shift and Ctrl keys during acceleration/braking.

PUBG mentioned that it has some fun features with another fun addition planned for the future, so be sure to record those stunt videos.

Prepare for a Drive-By

Shooting functionality has now been added for vehicle drivers. With this, players can fire their sidearm weapons as they drive while maintaining control of the vehicle. It’s generally going to work for most vehicles, though there are some limitations. Here's what you need to know:

  • Vehicle drivers can now draw, reload and fire sidearms while having full control over vehicle inputs.
    • The power of vehicle steering input decreases slightly when the driver is reloading.
  • Driver shooting feature is enabled in all vehicles except boats and BRDM.

Here are additional details that you may be interested to know about this new feature:

  • Driver and passenger views are now heavily stabilized while aiming.
    • The camera rotation won’t follow the rotation of the vehicle.
  • Driver and passenger TPP cameras have been adjusted and moved closer to the character for easier and more accurate aiming.
  • Aiming angles are restricted according to player visibility and relation to other passengers.
    • For example, players are unable to aim fully upwards in a closed-top vehicle or aim behind if there’s a passenger on behind them on a two seater motorbike.
  • The camera no longer flips sideways when vehicles roll or pitch upside-down.
  • Here are the driver shooting enabled sidearms:
    • Deagle
    • P18C
    • P1911
    • P92
    • R1895
    • R45
    • Skorpion
    • Flare gun
    • Sawed-off
      • Sawed-off can only be equipped by drivers on Bike-type vehicles.

You can view the rest of the changes arriving with Patch 9.2 here.

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