PUBG: New State Weapon Equip Speed Now Faster in Update 0.9.33

Update 0.9.33
Update 0.9.33 PUBG Corporation

Speed is very important in a competitive battle royale game like PUBG: New State. Getting the kill sometimes depends on how quickly the player can whip their weapon out and shoot at the enemy. Well, there’s something that all players will love in the game’s latest patch.

In Update 0.9.33, the speed in equipping and unequipping all weapons in PUBG: New State is at least 10% faster than before. On top of that, some weapons in the game are even faster than others. For instance, weapon equip speed for submachine guns, shotguns, and handguns has been greatly increased between 35% and 50%.

Another notable improvement in Update 0.9.33 is that players can now use healing items while driving, including bandages, adrenaline syringes, painkillers, and energy drinks. Keep in mind that the healing action is interrupted when steering, braking, or changing seats in the car.

The other changes implemented in Update 0.9.33 are:

  • Handguns: Skorpion and Deagle are slower than other HG weapons. All other HG weapons have the same speed
  • Shotguns: DBS is faster than other SG weapons. All other SG weapons have the same speed
  • Submachine Guns: Micro UZI has the fastest speed of all SMG weapons. MP5K and UMP45 have slower speed than Micro UZI but are faster than all other SMG weapons
  • Light Machine Guns: All LMG weapons have the same speed
  • Assault Rifles: AUG, Groza, and L85A3 are faster than other AR weapons
  • Designated Marksman Rifles: VSS and Mini-14 are faster than other DMR weapons
  • Sniper Rifles: All SR weapons have the same speed
  • Sniper Rifles
    • Effective range increased by 50 meters
  • Designated Marksman Rifles
    • Effective range increased by 20 meters
  • UMP45
    • Increased rate of fire from 650RPM to 700 RPM
    • Increased Recoil Control
  • MK16A4 and MK47
    • Burst fire delay decreased by 50%
  • KAR98K [C1]
    • Increased bolt action speed by 15%
  • Long-distance character appearance
  • Characters far away will appear more natural than before
  • Removal of Some Deathmatch UI
    • Unnecessary blue zone-related UI has been removed from Arena and Underbridge
    • Some item-related UI has been removed from Arena and Underbridge
  • Custom Match Stability Improvement
    • The maximum number of participants in a custom match (BR: Troi/Erangel) has been reduced from 100 to 64
    • The maximum number of observers in a custom match has been reduced from 10 to 6

The full patch notes can be found here.

PUBG: New State is available on Android and iOS.

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