PUBG: New State Update v0.9.2.4 Introduces Round Deathmatch and Co-op Revive

PUBG New State February 10 Update
PUBG New State February 10 Update PUBG Corporation

PUBG: New State just received an update that brings a lot of fresh and exciting content. Some of the most notable ones include Round Deathmatch and the new co-op revive feature, as well as new guns and gun customizations.

New Mode

Round Deathmatch Arena
Round Deathmatch Arena PUBG Corporation

Round Deathmatch is a new mode where two teams of four battle it out in the Arena. Its difference from a normal Team Deathmatch is that each game has seven rounds in total. The first team to get four rounds wins.

The Playzone is restricted from the start and is set anywhere around the center of the map. The Arena is filled with plenty of places to hide. Furthermore, there’s a Deployable Shield: Wide Type available at the entrance of your base.

When your HP reaches zero, you won’t die immediately. Instead, you’ll be in a knocked-down state just like in Battle Royale mode, meaning that your teammates still have a chance to revive you. That said, the time it takes to revive a downed teammate has been reduced to just five seconds instead of the usual 10.

You can learn more about this new mode here.

Co-op Revive

Co-op Revive Feature
Co-op Revive Feature PUBG Corporation

When you’re on the battlefield, every second counts. While you can resuscitate a downed teammate, doing so leaves you vulnerable to attacks. Wouldn’t it be great if there's a way to speed up the process somehow?

Well, that’s now possible. The developers implemented a new feature where up to three members of the team can help with the revival process, thus speeding things up. A progress bar will appear once you begin.

What’s more, those who are reviving a downed ally can choose to swap with another teammate at any time. The process won’t be interrupted so long as at least one member of the team continues until completion.


  • Station map has been revamped
  • Underutilized routes and objects that provide cover have been greatly improved
  • The design of the top-screen UI that displays match information has been changed
    • The loading screen will show additional information about your allies and opponents
    • At the end of the match, an overall match results window with the kill scores of both your allies and opponents will appear
    • The pop-up message alerting players of kill streaks has been improved
    • System messages will now display information about the status and progress of the match
  • MP5K
  • Crossbow
  • M249 [C2] Ballistic Shield
  • MP5K [C1] Laser Sight
  • Players who are redeployed through a Green Flare Gun will now be armed before being dropped into the Battlegrounds
  • The following items will be provided:
    • P1911
    • 30x 0.45 ACP bullets
    • 1 smoke grenade
  • Players will have the P1911 un-holstered upon landing
  • This rework will apply to all Battle Royale modes
  • Also, players can maneuver the parachute when being redeployed
    • Players can control their landing within a 130-meter radius from where the Green Flare Gun was fired

PUBG: New State is available on Android and iOS.

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