PUBG Mobile To Release New Erangel Map For Version 1.0 Launch

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Welcome a new Erangel.
Welcome a new Erangel. Tencent Games

PUBG Mobile announced that it will release a new Erangel map with the next update. This overhauled map is going to offer a more refined battlefield experience while keeping those classic Erangel features. The new map is arriving to PUBG Mobile on September 8 along with version 1.0.

According to the PUBG Mobile team, this new map is a result of months of repeated analysis, refinement, and testing. In a statement, the team said that the different changes “not only enhance the constantly-improving visuals and performance, but also ensure high-quality original gameplay.”

Here’s what players can expect:

  • All-new Map Elements
    • There are going to be new elements like forgotten trenches, tree trunk barriers, abandoned tanks and even bunkers.
    • This should allow players to come up with new strategies and tactics when fighting it out for Chicken Dinners.
  • Large Resource Point Changes
    • Popular in-game locations are going to get rebalanced for loot, gear, and other resources. These include, among others, Sosnovka Military Base, Mylta Power, Mansion, Prison, and Mine Zone.
    • Players can also expect richer scavenges in rural areas for a more balanced experience and different strategies.
  • Building Changes
    • Multiple buildings and shelters around New Erangel have been changed and improved.
    • New strategies need to be implemented based on the building changes.
      • For example, players need to change their defense and attack methods.
  • Revamped Visuals
    • Lighting systems have been upgraded in order to give more life to the vegetation, sky, and water.
    • This means players can see reflections in the water along with indirect light from the sun.
    • The models and texture quality have been improved as well, giving battles a more realistic feel.
    • There is also the “Ultra HD” function, which can be unlocked in order to enjoy the highest graphic quality.

It’s not all about a new map, as version 1.0 is also going to bring with it a host of other new changes. The user interface and interactive experiences have all been revamped to give players a more concise and intuitive control experience. There’s the highly innovative multi-screen switching mode, for example, along with some existing functions being reorganized into pages. You can read more about the coming New Era here.

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