PUBG Mobile Global Championship Season Zero Set To Begin In November

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Prepare for some excellent battles.
Prepare for some excellent battles. Tencent Games

PUBG Mobile announced that its esports scene is set to go to the next level with the PUBG Mobile Global Championship. What makes this one great, you ask? Well, the PMGC is actually the PUBG Mobile World League and World Championship combined.

Season Zero of the PMGC is expected to begin sometime in late November. For this tournament, be prepared to see some of the world’s top pro teams coming from the Americas, Europe, South Asia, Southeast Asia, China, and the Middle East. Teams are going to fight it out to see who gets crowned as Global Champions and wins a lion’s share of the $2 million prize pool. While the League is going to be held in multiple studios, there’s won’t be any onsite audience due to pandemic concerns.

PUBG Mobile revealed that it managed to complete the structure for its worldwide year-long esports program this year. As a result, the program is now able to support players of all levels, from amateur to pro, and across different countries and regions. For each player, there’s going to be the National and Campus championships, plus different third party events. Semi-pro players, meanwhile, have the PUBG Mobile Club Open, which is going to be held in 16 regions this year.

The esports ecosystem also introduced the PUBG Mobile Pro League, which adds an extra pro layer of competition. The PMPL was held in seven regions, with a total of 152 teams taking part and more than 28 million total hours watched. Back in July and August, the PUBG Mobile World League Season Zero had 40 teams in the East and West league.

In a statement, PUBG Mobile Global Esports Director James Yang shared that with the success of PUBG Mobile World League Season Zero, they knew that they needed to increase the bar even higher and offer an interesting event to close out the first year of the new esports program. He went on to say that so far, this year has been huge challenge and that they “hope to bring positivity and encouragement to the world through gaming and esports.”

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