PUBG Launches New Corgi Crew Skins

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Simply adorable.
Simply adorable. PUBG

The jungles of Sanhok may be dangerous, but PUBG has taken the undisputed rulers of the internet and turned them into a fashion statement to make things safer, or at least more cute. The Season 8 Survivor Pass is offering Corgi Crew skins, which are three sets of helmets.

Let’s start with Level One: Cuddly Colors. This Level One backpack has some sparkling pastels which are complemented with a wild child print on the helmet. With this combination it’s as if you’re saying that “stealth is for chumps, I have an MG3.”

No need for stealth.
No need for stealth. PUBG

Additionally, there is the Level Two: TactiCUTE. This set is good for those who are looking for something that is a little more tactical and a bit stealthy. The khaki backpack is embroidered with corgos to offer a subtle statement. On the other hand, the helmet is a deep sage green, allowing it to blend with the jungle background in a seamless manner.

Tactical is key.
Tactical is key. PUBG

Finally, there is Level Three: Fluffy Royale. Putting on this combination is sure to have people ask if you’re going to a battle royale or going back to middle school. The backpack is dripping with cute corgis and rich magenta hues. The helmet, meanwhile, has a diamond embellished pupper on the back.

Going to a fight or the club?
Going to a fight or the club? PUBG

Season 8

PUBG recently launched Season 8, which is going to run until October 13 for the PC and October 22 for consoles. The new season offers more than 300 total missions with the Survivor Pass: Payback giving players access to 252 Daily Missions, 84 Weekly Missions, and 12 Season Missions. There are also going to be 16 Challenge Missions that are tied to specific weapons and are available only to premium Survivor Pass holders.

For the PC, the pass is offered at $9.99. Meanwhile for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Google Stadia, it’s offered through in-game stores for 1,000 G-coins.

You can learn more about Season 8 here.

New update coming

PUBG is also set to release Update 8.2, which introduces two new weapons, the first of which is MG3 Light Machine Gun. The second one is interesting as it is a Decoy Grenade. This should make for excellent new strategies. Read more about the new update here.

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