PUBG’s Season 9 Ranked Mode Ends On December 16

See what rewards are up for grabs.
See what rewards are up for grabs. PUBG

PUBG announced the ending of Season 9 Ranked Mode on December 16. While that means the start of a new season, it also means the chance to grab a new collection of great rewards.

The Ranked rewards are based on the final rank of the players. To become eligible, players at least need to finish their placement matches during the season. There’s going to be extra awards handed to those who are Gold V and Diamond V.

One of the rewards includes the Season 9 Emblems. Players earn an emblem that matches their rank at the end of the season. The Top 500 players of each tier will get a special emblem. These honorable emblems are now shown on the player’s PUBG ID. They are displayed too when players take down enemies. The emblems are both visible in the players’ PUBG ID in death cams and spectator screen.

As mentioned, players who reach certain tiers get extra rewards. Those who reach Gold V in any ranked game will get the Motor Glider skin. Players that manage to make it to Diamond V tier get that skin plus the exclusive Parachute Skin.

Black Friday Bundles

For those who can’t wait for the season to end and want their hands on some goodies, there’s the PUBG Black Friday Deals. Unlike some deals though, players don’t need to clip out newspaper coupons or even fight with the crowds. Players may claim them at the comfort of their homes. The deals are:

  • Black Friday G-Coin Bundle I
    • Price:
      • $8.99
    • Contains:
      • 1,050 G-Coin ($9.99 Value)
      • (bonus!) Bengal Tiger Parachute (30 Days)
      • (bonus!) Tri-Hard Green Marksman Backpack (Level 1) (30 Days)
      • (bonus!) Pop Art (Green) – Helmet (Level 3) (30 Days)
  • Black Friday G-Coin Bundle II
    • Price:
      • $22.49
    • Contains:
      • 2,700 G-Coin ($24.99 Value)
      • (bonus!) Bengal Tiger Parachute (30 Days)
      • (bonus!) Tri-Hard Green Marksman Backpack (Level 1) (Permanent)
      • (bonus!) Pop Art (Green) – Helmet (Level 3) (Permanent)

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) is an online multiplayer battle royale game for the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Google Stadia. A free-to-play mobile version has been released for Android and iOS.

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