PUBG Introducing Team Deathmatch In Update 6.2

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Try out this new mode.
Try out this new mode. PUBG

PUBG revealed that Team Deathmatch is coming to the game. The new mode is going to be officially live for both PC and consoles with Update 6.2.

According to the PUBG development team, while the main premise of the game is Battle Royale, there are times when some changes are needed. This is the reason why Arcade was introduced. With this staple FPS game mode getting added to the game, it’s sure to shake things up.

Here are the things that you need to remember for Team Deathmatch:

  • 8 vs 8
  • FPP only
  • Spawn Kits enabled
    • Open the map to select the weapon Spawn Kit
  • Respawns enabled
    • Respawn five seconds after each death
    • Players respawn close to friendly players if the location is safe
    • Players are going to be briefly invulnerable after respawning
  • DBNO disabled
    • No knockdowns
  • Friendly Fire disabled
  • Kills and assists fill your boost gauge
    • After not taking damage for five seconds, player's health begin to regenerate, whilst also depleting the boost gauge
  • Players cannot reconnect to TDM matches.
    • Unfortunately, this includes accidentally leaving the match or crashing

So how is the winner declared? The first team that gets 50 kills wins the round. Otherwise it’s going to be the team that has the highest kills after 10 minutes have passed. The team that wins two rounds secures the match victory.

What’s in store for the winning team? First BP is going to be awarded based on the members’ individual score. However, no Survivor Pass XP is going to be handed out.

For the maps, Team Deathmatch offers seven different battlefields that are taken from four the favorite PUBG maps. The battlefields are:

    • Stalber
    • Sosnovka Military Base
    • Paradise Resort
    • Docks
    • Podvosto
    • Peshkova
    • Campo Militar

In terms of respawning, TDM has a good mechanic. Players who are killed get a respawn point based on the team’s current situation. This means players spawn close to where their teammates are. If the team is currently in a contested area, they won’t spawn in that location due to the enemies. Instead, these players respawn safely closer to their starting zone. To ensure that spawn camping is reduced, when players spawn, they’re going to be invincible for a short period.

Learn more about the upcoming Team Deathmatch here.

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