PUBG Team Deathmatch And Arcade Mode Accidentally Leaked

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PUBG TDM And Arcade Mode
PUBG TDM And Arcade Mode PUBG

Earlier today on PUBG, Arcade Mode and Team Deathmatch were available in the game lobbies of some players for a short time. Immediately after discovering the accident, PUBG scheduled an emergency maintenance to remove the new modes from the live build of the game.

However, some players were able to capture the screenshots and videos of the new features, which confirms that the Battle Royale shooter could soon get a team deathmatch modes with new maps, the ability to change loadouts, and more.

PlayerIGN posted a video on his YouTube channel showcasing the new leaked modes:

Season 6 for PUBG included a new map, Karakin, with a destructible zone. PUBG describes Karakin as a 2x2 km island located off the coast of Northern Africa. Karakin features a rocky and arid environment that provides a wide-open environment and challenging engagements. The map has been designed to be small, fast, and filled with the tension of being sniped from across the map.

If you've been having some tough times on the new map, you might want to change how you have been playing on the older and bigger maps of PUBG. If you quickly learn to use Karakin's terrain to your advantage, you can gain an upper hand in most gunfights. Now that the map also has a black zone that changes the layout of the map in every match, you must also always be on the move and strategize on the go. After Karakin, we expect PUBG to introduce more high-tension maps like this one.

Talking about the recent leaks, the new Arcade mode, and Team Deathmatch should be a breath of fresh air for everyone who has been getting bored with the Battle Royale side of PUBG.

PUBG is available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, iOS, and Android. Now that the game is entering new territories, we're constantly keepping an eye on new information to let you know as soon as we learn something.

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