The PUBG Global Invitational.S Pick’Em Challenge is Here

Can you make the right pick?
Can you make the right pick? PUBG

The Pick’Em Challenge is finally back and just in time too. That’s because the PUBG Global Invitational.S is all set to begin in less than two weeks. Like in previous challenges, players who can predict winners get to win great prizes.

However, new things are being offered this year. There’s a new set of items being put up for sale, with a higher portion of the sales going to teams taking part in the upcoming tournament. Particularly, it’s 30% of the item sales revenue.

The Pick’Em Challenge starts February 6 and features three different challenges.

The first challenge is the Weekly Final TOP 4. The format of the PGI.S involves teams that won during the week competing for prize money. Thus for this event, all you need to do is to predict the Top 4 teams that make it to the weekly finals. Even better, there’s no need to guess the placement of each team. As long as a chosen team makes it to the Top 4, a prize is handed out based on that team’s rank. Here are the prizes for each successful pick:

  • 1st: 100,000 EP
  • 2nd: 50,000 EP
  • 3rd: 25,000 EP
  • 4th: 12,500 EP

The second challenge is different and will change between even and odd weeks while also costing one voting coupon per pick. For weeks 1, 3, and 5, it’s going to be the Weekly Kill Point MVP. Just choose which team with the highest weekly kill point total during the Weekly Finals. And for each correct guess, the event gives out 200,000 EP.

For weeks 2, 4, and 6, the challenge shifts to Weekly Chicken Winners. As the title implies, just predict which team wins a Weekly Finals Chicken Dinner. If the chosen team wins a Chicken Dinner in any of the 10 games, a 25,000 EP reward is given. There’s also going to be one win per team, which means additional picks increase the odds of winning.

Finally, the third challenge is the Survival Tournament. Just choose the winner of the event that ends the tournament. Picks have to be done from March 5 to 7 with a correct guess earning 50,000 EP.

Learn everything about the Pick’Em Challenge here. Also, read more about the PGI.S here.

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