PUBG: The Formidable Bear Strikes Fear in the Hearts of Players in Update 22.1

Update 22.1
Update 22.1 Steam

There will be a new creature present in Vikendi once PUBG Update 22.1 goes live next week. Let’s just say that it has awoken from its hibernation and is ready to mangle those who come near it.

The Bear is coming to PUBG in Update 22.1. Although it looks cute on the surface, it will start attacking players when they are in range. Players will have to use any means necessary to put it down. Bears are available in normal and custom matches, though they’re only present on Vikendi.

Aside from the formidable creature, Vikendi will be receiving new stuff in the upcoming patch. First, Moonlight Mode is returning to the said map and will appear randomly in matches. Second, players can get their hands on the new Thermal 4x Scope, which they can use to see obscured enemies via heat signatures. And lastly, players may now find some Supply Drops inside the caves in Vikendi.

To make the recently added natural disasters a bit more realistic, the developers have made changes so that throwables like Smoke Grenades and Molotov Cocktails will no longer work properly when used within the Blizzard Zone.


  • We’ll be balancing the Mk12 a bit this update. Our graphs on weapon loot rate, kill rate, etc. were showing us Mk12’s overperformance over its other DMR fellows. Therefore, we’ve decided to go ahead with some healthy balance changes and made sure to adjust the Mk12 so that it’ll still remain a helpful, hard-hitting weapon but not outshining other options too much.
    • Damage: 51 -> 50
    • Initial Bullet Speed: 930m/s -> 900m/s
    • Recoil recovery: Reduced by approximately 6%.
    • Recoil speed: Increased by approximately 2%.
  • Weapon Spawn
    • We have adjusted the general spawn rates of 5.56mm and 7.62mm weapons (AR, DMR, LMG only) to have them share similar spawn rates, and to provide more primary weapon options to our players.
    • This spawn balance applies to every map and mode.
  • Vehicle Adjustments
    • Zima has been slightly sized up.
    • Vehicle models with open roofs such as the UAZ, Mirado, and Pickup Truck have been removed as they made drivers/passengers a bit too vulnerable.
    • Dacia and UAZ will now spawn in Taego.
    • Trunks have been added to Pickup Trucks and UAZ.
    • Capacity: 250

PUBG Update 22.1 goes live on February 14 for PC and February 23 for consoles.

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