PUBG: Desert Arena Map, New Vehicle Assets Leaked On Reddit

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PUBG - Desert Downtown
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Bluehole / PUBG Corp.

Undisclosed assets from the next PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds patch have been leaked by data miners, offering fans an early look at a two-dimensional map of the desert arena set to debut next month. PUBG fans also got a sneak peek at new vehicles and a new weapon that we could see in an upcoming Battlegrounds update.

It’s been less than a week since PUBG Corp. Creative Director Brendan Green again confirmed PUBG ’s oft-discussed desert map would be ready for deployment in 2017. But apparently that was still too long of a wait for some in the Battlegrounds community because an unfinished map was published by redditor bizzfarts (the most trusted name in news) on Monday night. The 2D image features placeholder names for many of the desert environment’s settlements; titles, like Cartel Mansion or Murderland, that will presumably be altered or removed before the next patch. But even the unfinished product makes clear the new environment will be radically different from the abandoned island we’ve explored since March.

The unfinished map isn’t the only new PUBG asset leaked this week. Redditor Art_7s also published new assets for an unreleased jet ski that would be a great fit for the existing “murder island” map or (to a lesser degree) the upcoming desert environment. Art_7s also uncovered new assets for the previously announced camper van, a pickup truck that looks remarkably similar to the Ford Bronco and a new firearm with a deployable bipod. None of that content is believed to be accessible in today’s testing of the dynamic climbing and vaulting systems that will debut with the launch build of PUBG . But it’s not unrealistic to think the new vehicles and firearm could be ready for deployment when PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds leaves Early Access next month.

For more information on the future of PUBG , circle back around to Greene’s thoughts on mod support, parity between the game’s graphics settings and the potential addition of a cinematic camera suite. We also had a chance to speak with PUBG Corp. CEO Chang Han Kim, who offered an explanation on the lack of rocket launchers in Battlegrounds and additional insight on the growing pains that follow selling 20 million copies of a competitive shooter in eight months.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is available in Early Access. The launch build is expected to hit Steam in late December and a Xbox One port is currently slated for Dec. 12.

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