PUBG Continental Series 6 Americas: Last Chance Qualifier Slots Go to NA Teams

All set for the Grand Final.
All set for the Grand Final. Krafton

The PUBG Continental Series 6 Americas Last Chance Qualifier is finally done. A total of 16 teams fought for the chance to get the final four spots for the Grand Final. After two days, the four teams that made it were Dodge, Soniqs, Nootropic, and The Rumblers. It's worth noting that the four teams are all from North America.

The four teams are joining the ones below for the Grand Final:

  • North America
    • Yaho
    • Bing Bang Boom
    • Guadalajara Gascans
    • eUnited
    • Shoot To Kill
    • Three Hundred
  • Latin America
    • A Creche
    • 22 Esports
    • Mutariuum
    • Trogloditas
    • AKM Gaming
    • Yellow Jackets

Day 1 Recap

Day 1 of the Last Chance Qualifier had Nice Try getting Chicken Dinner for the first match. While Wildcard Gaming wasn't able to win the match, they did have 10 kills which would set the stage for the showdown with The Rumblers. Match 2 saw The Rumblers getting nine kills and the Chicken Dinner. The Rumblers would again get Chicken Dinner in Match 5 along with six kills. This gave them a fourth-place finish at the end of Day 1 and seven points ahead of Wildcard Gaming.

Ultimately, Day 1 was all about Soniqs. The team would end the day with 39 kills and 63 overall points. Soniqs was followed by Spicy Fish, Dodge, and Nootropic.

Day 2 Recap

Day 2 would start with Wildcard Gaming getting Chicken Dinner on Match 1 and Nootropics doing the same on Match 2. This resulted in a three-way tie for third place among Spicy Fish, Nootropic, and The Rumblers. By the end of Match 5, the rankings saw Soniqs on top followed by Dodge in a close second, then Nootropic in third, and Wildcard Gaming in fourth place. With the points being close, it was clear that the final match would be an interesting one to watch.

Early in the match, Soniqs was taken out. Meanwhile, Wildcard Gaming was eliminated by The Rumblers. Dodge got seven kills before being eliminated but that was enough to earn them the top spot, and Soniqs slid to second. Nootropics would take the final Chicken Dinner with nine kills. This would only take them as far as third place.

What about the last spot? The Rumblers were able to get second place and 10 kills. This gave them one point ahead of Wildcard Gaming and a chance to join the Grand Final.

PUBG: Battlegrounds is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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