PUBG Continental Series 6 Americas: Results of the Regional Playoff

Results are in.
Results are in. Krafton

The Regional Playoff for the PUBG Continental Series 6 Americas is done. This means we finally see the first group of teams competing in the Grand Final. For North America, the top spot went to Team Yaho while A Creche for Latin America.

North America

For North America, it was actually a tie between Yaho and Bing Bang Boom. However, Yaho had the most Chicken Dinners and overall eliminations giving them the top spot versus Bing Bang Boom. The other four teams that qualified are:

  • Guadalajara Gascans
  • eUnited
  • Shoot To Kill
  • Three Hundred

South America

In Latin America, A Creche was on top in the first set of matches. However, they dropped to second place in their second game. The good news is it was enough for the team to claim the top spot. Joining A Creche are:

  • 22 Esports
  • Mutariuum
  • Trogloditas
  • AKM Gaming
  • Yellow Jackets

Last Chance

Teams that couldn’t qualify through the Regional Playoff still have a chance to join the Grand Final. This is through the Last Chance Qualifier from March 26 to March 27, joined by the teams placed from seventh to 14th place in NA and LATAM.

The top four teams based on the SUPER Point Rule scoring system advance to the Grand Final.

The teams gunning for the last four spots are:

  • NA
    • Soniqs
    • Spicy Fish
    • Built By Gamers
    • Nootropic
    • Wildcard Gaming
    • The Rumblers
    • Dodge
    • 4 Funners
    • Just2Easy
    • Free Agents
    • Young Kings
    • Sistematicos Esports
    • NiceTry
    • Synergy Esports
    • Underdogs
    • KPI Gaming

NA Key Storylines

Like your usual sports tournament, there are some exciting storylines that fans can look out for, especially in NA.

Soniqs has the most Chicken Dinners of the NA Teams heading into the Last Chance Qualifier, and they’re also the standing favorites. However, they’re in a new territory even though they're one of the powerhouses in the region. This is because Soniqs wasn’t able to qualify directly to the Grand Final for the first time.

Meanwhile, the storied journey of Wildcard Gaming continues. First, they missed out on the ESL Grand Masters Regional Playoffs by five points. Then, they had to go through the PCS6 Open Qualifiers to join the Regional Playoff.

There’s also Spicy Fish, which has the most eliminations of the teams joining the Last Chance Qualifier. Combined with their Chicken Dinners, there’s a high possibility that they could be the team to beat for this qualifier.

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