PUBG: Battlegrounds Introduces Compliment Feature in Reputation System

Support your teammates. Krafton

Update 24.2 for PUBG: Battlegrounds is introducing some changes to the Reputation System. Players can now commend the efforts of their teammates through the new Compliment System. There are also tweaks for Reputation Level and the addition of new rewards.

By the way, Update 24.2 will go live on PC on July 12, while July 20 on consoles.

Commend Teammates

With the new update, players should be able to see the new Compliment feature at the end-of-match screen. To commend the contributions of a teammate, they can choose from one of these compliments:

  • Skill Master
    • Acknowledges those who bravely led the offensive and protected the team with their combat abilities.
  • Fearless Leader
    • Acknowledges those who calmly guided the team toward victory and demonstrated effective strategy even amidst challenging situations.
  • Communication Specialist
    • Acknowledges those who enhanced team performance through clear communication, cooperation, and selflessness.

By the way, Compliments can only be given on team members who completed a match together. Of course, there's more to it because those who receive compliments not only earn Reputation points but even boost on their Reputation level.

Reputation Level

Update 24.2 includes the following Reputation Level adjustments:

  • Reputation level and associated rewards can be viewed in Career - Overview.
  • Your Reputation level and those of others can be found on the respective Profile pages.
  • Instructions on claiming your rewards, along with related notifications, are provided through Notifications.
  • Upon initial login after Update 24.2, players with a Reputation level below 2 will be reset to Level 2.
  • Penalties have been enhanced for inappropriate behavior; players reported for abusive behavior/spamming/advertising will lose Reputation points.
    • Being muted for "Abusive Language" in chat will receive a large point deduction.

The rewards for Reputation level come in two categories: Level Rewards (one-time) and Maintenance Rewards (given every 7 days). The rewards added are:

  • Level 3
    • Level Reward - 10 Artisan Tokens
    • Maintenance Reward - 2 Supply Loot Cache
  • Level 4
    • Level Reward - 15 Artisan Tokens
    • Maintenance Reward - 3 Supply Loot Cache
  • Level 5
    • Level Reward - 20 Artisan Tokens
    • Maintenance Reward - 4 Supply Loot Cache and 1 Artisan Token

What do you think about the Complement feature? How about the changes to the Reputation System?

PUBG: Battlegrounds is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Android, and iOS.

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