How to Use New Recall System in PUBG: Battlegrounds

It's easier than the Comeback BR mechanic.
Here's how to use the new Recall System. Krafton

This week, a new update was released for PUBG: Battlegrounds which introduced the Recall System. This method is said to be a bit easier, especially for newcomers, compared to the Comeback BR mechanic. That's because the Comeback BR mechanic requires cooperation from the fallen player and the surviving team, while the Recall System focuses more on what the surviving team members have to do.

Today, we'll look into the steps of this Recall System and see if it is indeed easier than the Comeback BR mechanic.

Grab the Chip

To utilize the Recall System, you'll need to have a Blue Chip, a special chip containing the biometric signature of a player. That means every player has one and it's placed in a dedicated inventory slot.

How important is this blue chip? Everyone can obtain this from the deathbox of any player. Once obtained, the blue chip can be found in the inventory of the one who collected it. By the way, each blue chip has a weight of five.

Look for the Tower

Once you have the blue chip of your fallen teammate, find the Blue Chip Towers. They're scattered across the map and while they spawn randomly in each match, their locations are marked on the map. After you see a tower, you'll need to register the blue chip.

It's easy to do because as long as you have at least one of these blue chips in your inventory, you can approach a tower and an interact button will appear. Though, many things are involved when registering blue chips. First, you can't register the blue chips of the enemy. Second, it's possible to register multiple blue chips at the same time.

Activating a tower takes around 10 seconds and once a blue chip is successfully registered, the teammate who owns that chip is recalled in the next phase. As a quick note, when a blue chip is successfully registered, that tower that was used becomes unusable for a certain duration.

What do you think? It's easier than the Comeback BR mechanic right? Try it now to see the difference.

The update that introduced the new Recall System also added the new Clan System, as well as other new content. Don't forget to check out Update 23.2.

PUBG: Battlegrounds is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Android, and iOS.

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