PUBG Adds New The Powerful Deagle Handgun

Basic ledge grab can now be performed.
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PUBG's latest update brings the Deagle to the fight.
PUBG's latest update brings the Deagle to the fight. PUBG

Something new has arrived to PUBG that players are sure to love. Presenting the Deagle, the handgun that deals the strongest pistol damage while having great muzzle velocity. To make it even more exciting, the Deagle spawns on all maps.

Just how strong is the Deagle? It can deal 62 damage per shot. Players can add the holographic sight and red-dot sight along with various magazines. They can even improve hip fire accuracy with the laser sight. The Deagle makes use of a single firemode type, which makes use of the .4 ACP ammo, as well as a standard magazine that can fit seven rounds.

Take a ride with the BRDM-2.
Take a ride with the BRDM-2. PUBG

This latest update also makes the BRDM-2 available. This amphibious vehicle can help increase your options as you navigate firefights. Features of this new vehicle include:

  • BRDM-2’s total HP is 2500, twice as much as UAZ, while its gigantic, sturdy wheels cannot be damaged.
  • Powerful bulletproof vehicle that can reduce incoming damage such as ammunition based assaults as well as grenades and red zone damage.
  • BRDM-2 is an amphibious vehicle that can continue travel on water, but players can’t shoot while on board.
  • It has a capacity of up to four players on board. Its top water speed is 22km/h and top speed on the road is 102km/h when boosted.

In terms of gameplay, players can now use the Ledge Grab. With this feature, players are able to take new paths by climbing various obstacles like fences and roofs, as long as they are at most 2.5 meters high.

Players can now perform the ledge grab.
Players can now perform the ledge grab. PUBG

In order to Ledge Grab, players need to jump or vault, and then continue to press the jump/vault button heading towards the target location. Players can also press the jump/vault button at the right time while in midair. Ledge Grab can be cancelled by following the same method done for climbing or vaulting. Once done, the player immediately falls to the ground.

The Dev team revealed that since this is the first version of the Ledge Grab, it is not yet possible to hang on or slide down railings. This feature will be updated again, and the dev team said that they continue to “keep working to enable those features just mentioned from the other update in the future.”

Other changes in the latest patch can be viewed here.

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