PUBG Provides Development Update, Working on Adding Ledge Grab Mechanic

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PUBG provided an update on what it has been working on for the first half of 2019 and revealed some of the future plans for the game. The update was announced by PUBG Executive Producer and Head of Development TS Jang.

Jang said that the goal of PUBG has always been to give players a unique experience. To make this happen, it was important not only to maintain the spirit of what made the game special, but also to expand it. The unique experience offered by PUBG, according to Jang, "comes from its harmony between the realistic combat mechanics and survival elements."

The main objective in PUBG is that players need to do what they can in order to be the sole survivor. Thus, they need to adapt to the current situation and make use of weapons and items available. It can be argued that every new game brings with it a new story.

Jang shared that in order to guide the gameplay experience towards a positive direction, it was important for the development team to focus on both the in-game and the out-game mechanics.

In terms of in-game mechanics, PUBG requires players to always perform risk analysis and implement strategic judgement. What this means is that in order to win, players often need to decide whether they engage in combat or simply hide and survive. For Jang, the team hopes to continue developing "this balance between survival and combat strategies so that players will be able to experience more varied gameplay."

According to Jang, the new Ledge Grab mechanic is sure to excite players, as it offers them a new way to move and explore. There is also an upcoming new vehicle, the BRDM. This armored vehicle not only has good physical protection, but comes with an amphibious feature, which opens up new strategies.

For out-game mechanics, the develoment team is focusing on the progression systems, with the most recent one being Weapon Mastery. Jang revealed that the community feedback has been excellent, and they plan on developing this mechanic even further.

The PUBG development team is also looking into a way "to expand progression elements further and focus on survival elements." This way, players can keep track of stats and receive rewards for accomplishments not directly related to combat.

Jang ended his update by saying that while they are unable to provide full details for Season 4, they can confirm that it focuses on an update to Erangel.

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