Psychonauts 2 Motherlobe Edition Limited Physical Release Starting September 27

The limited release is only available on PlayStation and Xbox.
iam8bit will be launching a limited physical release for Psychonauts 2 called the Motherlobe Edition, available on September 27.
iam8bit will be launching a limited physical release for Psychonauts 2 called the Motherlobe Edition, available on September 27. Double Fine Productions

iam8bit, in partnership with Double Fine Productions, announced the Psychonauts 2 Motherlobe Edition, the special Collector’s Edition made available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series. It is arriving on September 27, with pre-orders now up and running on the official iam8bit site.

Check out an official trailer for the Motherlobe Edition below.

The Psychonauts 2 Motherlobe Edition will include the following:

  • Lenticular O-Sleeve
  • Premium Die-cut Sticker Pack
  • Six (6) Art Cards
  • Digital Download Code for Exclusive Behind the Scenes Development Concepts
  • Collector’s Edition exclusive Reversible Cover Sheet

iam8bit is also offering a premium Collector’s Edition for Psychonauts 2, which includes the goodies in the Motherlobe Edition plus the following:

  • The original Psychonauts game for your platform of choice. This is exclusive to this Collector’s Edition.
  • Digital Download Code for Volumes 1, 2, and 3 of the Psychonauts 2 Digital Soundtrack.
  • Exclusive 5 Pin Set of the Feast of the Senses.
  • 18x24” Blacklight Poster of Raz.
  • Exclusive Poster of “Raz’s Archetype” from Psychonauts 2 by Chris Lam.
  • Extra Sticker Sheet.
  • A beautiful exclusive collector’s box.

The special set also includes exclusive cover sheets, with the collector’s box art designed by Arno Kiss. It’s also region-free for both platforms, meaning that you won’t have to worry whether it will run on your console due to region-locking. The Collector’s Edition will retail for $129.99, with pre-orders now up on both PlayStation and Xbox platforms.

The collectibles do not end there, as iam8bit also sells special vinyl collections for Psychonauts 2. The LPs come in two flavors, an Essential Edition and a Complete Edition Box Set.

Essential Edition 2xLP

  • Features tracks on Psychedelic Splatter Vinyl.
  • Tracklisting curated by Peter McConnell.
  • Featuring music by Peter McConnell.
  • Album art designed by Arno Kiss.

Complete Edition Box Set 6xLP

  • Features tracks on Psychedelic Green, Purple, and Yellow Splatter Vinyl.
  • Collected in a Premium Keepsake Box.
  • Hypnotic Slipmat.
  • Includes music from all 3 Soundtrack Volumes.
  • Featuring music by Peter McConnell.
  • Includes the special track “Cosmic I” featuring Jack Black.
  • Album art designed by Arno Kiss.

The Essential Edition retails for $41.99, while the Complete Edition Box Set is priced at $129.99. Both are now up for pre-orders, with shipping expected to start sometime in Q2 2023.

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