PS5 Will Not Support Expandable Storage At Launch

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While fans are excited for the launch of the PS5, there's a bitter pill that they'll need to swallow before keeping their excitement up. Up until now, Sony has been making it clear that the PlayStation 5 comes with 825GB of SSD storage, which can be expanded via an external SSD device. 

Recently, however, Sony has confirmed disappointing news that the PS5 will not support expandable storage at launch. Instead, expandable storage will become available for the console after a future update. So, that leaves the console with just 667GB of storage, which could be concerning for gamers looking to pick up the console. 

Nonetheless, after a future update, users can easily expand the storage on their consoles with an NVMe M.2 SSD. M.2 SSDs are quite affordable, and installing the storage device on the PS5 shouldn't be troublesome. A recent PlayStation 5 teardown video showcased how you can take off the console's side plate, unscrew a cover, and install the SSD.  While we are sure that curious gamers and YouTubers will try plugging in M.2 SSDs on the day of buying the console to see if it shows any signs of life, the chances, however, are unlikely that the storage will work. 

And to those who feel disappointed with this news, this isn't really a recent update. The information that the PlayStation 5 will not support expandable storage at launch was confirmed back in March. However, it's possible that fans might have overlooked this news while following recent developments about the console. 

In a related note, even the Xbox Series S storage space has been concerning fans. The compact console comes with up only 364GB storage out of the box, but unlike the PlayStation 5, the storage on the Xbox Series S can be upgraded with an expandable storage instantly. 

The PS5 is releasing on November 12.

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