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Sony published a recent blog post that sheds light on the accessibility features in the PS5. According to the blog post, the PS5 will include all already available PS4 accessibility features, including text-to-speech, invert color, closed captions, and custom button alignment. On top of this, the PS5 will also feature voice input, which allows users to input text via speech, a screen reader for visually impaired users, and a text-to-speech feature that will speak out the received messages to all party members dealing with impaired hearing.

"People across all walks of life may have a visible or invisible disability. According to the WHO, roughly 1 billion people or 15% of the world’s population live with some form of disability," Sony said in the blog post. "Chances are you or your friends, families, or colleagues have experienced, or will experience some form of disability in your lives. It’s simply part of the human condition and at SIE we have a passion to work towards improving accessibility within our products and services and within our company."

All the abovementioned accessibility features will support US English, Japanese, German, Italian, France French, Canadian French, Spain Spanish, and Latin American Spanish languages at launch.

For those dealing with impaired vision, the PlayStation 5 also comes with color correction adjustment. According to Sony, some games will also use this feature to help players customize the settings before starting the game.

Lastly, players can also choose to disable adaptive triggers and haptic feedback on the new DualSense controller. The console will also feature special audio enhancements for those who want them.

Furthermore, Sony also revealed that it is working with leading accessibility consultants to improve the accessibility on the PlayStation 5. Sony also mentioned the developers at Naughty Dog "who have been at the forefront of accessibility" with their previous games on the PS4.

The PlayStation 5 is launching on November 12.

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