PS5 Price And Release Date Reportedly Leaked, Including Rumored Launch Games

Take everything with the biggest grain of salt you can find.
Concept art for sony's upcoming next-gen console.
Concept art for sony's upcoming next-gen console.

The upcoming next-gen PlayStation, PS5, or whatever Sony decides to call it, might have just had key details surrounding it leaked.

An alleged post from a very small third-party developer based in Europe has revealed that the upcoming console’s list of launch titles will include Gran Turismo 7, a PUBG remaster and Battlefield Bad Company 3, to name a few. The post also claims that the price for the PS5 would be at a whopping $499, which is significantly more than current-gen consoles. Its release date would be either March 2020 or November 2020. Now, I’m all for leaks and speculations, but this one probably takes the cake in terms of the salt needed, as it was posted on Pastebin.

Here are the supposed PS5 games at launch:

  • Gran Turismo 7
  • PUBG remaster (4K free to play with PS+ only on PS5)
  • Last of Us: Part II remaster
  • Ghost of Tsushima remaster
  • Battlefield Bad Company 3
  • Harry Potter
  • Assassin's Creed

The leak also went on to suggest that Horizon Zero Dawn is getting a sequel, slated for 2021 while the inevitable Grand Theft Auto 6 would get a one-month exclusivity deal for the PS5. The game itself would reportedly have two big cities in it: Miami and New York, though this already shady source claims that this is not entirely 100 percent accurate.

Somewhat confirmed rumors include the full backwards compatibility of the PS5, allowing PS1/PS2/PS3/PS4 games to be played on the next-gen console, as well as Sony’s work with RTG engineers at AMD for the next-gen Navi architecture, which is quite possibly a done deal at this point. The console will also reportedly sport a Zen 2-based CPU with 8 cores and 16 threads, making it more powerful than lower-end PCs.

Some of the details stated require a hefty dose of skepticism, including its reported 24GB of GDDR6 and 4GB of DDR4 specifically for the OS. The machine will also reportedly have 2TB of “some sort of NAND flash” storage which is amazing if true, since games are only going to get bigger once the next generation comes rolling in.

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