Propnight: Patch 2.2.0 Features New Survivor Jun; Removes MMR

New Survivor: Jun
New Survivor: Jun Twitter/@fntasticgames

A new playable survivor is now available in Propnight. Patch 2.2.0 also implements some key changes, including the removal of matchmaking rating in multiplayer.

Jun is a Korean survivor, now available at a discounted rate. Alongside Jun is the introduction of the Whoopee Cushion, which can be used to distract killers.

This update implemented a major change in the game’s multiplayer as well. The matchmaking rating or MMR has been completely removed. For those who don’t know, this is a system typically used in competitive multiplayer titles like Propnight, where you are matched up against players having roughly the same skill level as yours. While developers have not disclosed the reason for its removal, some people speculate that the system was not working as intended anyway.

Another key change in Patch 2.2.0 is that you can only earn Propcoins by completing challenges. This also means that the old ways of getting Propcoins, such as racking up kills and getting the victory, are now obsolete.


  • New feature: Challenges! Complete them to earn Propcoins
  • New epic skin for Granny: Teacher
  • New epic skin for Sheet-Man: Halloween
  • 10 new banners and avatars
  • 14 new props in different maps
  • Gameplay: Now Survivors will not have a starting item and they will be offered to choose from two random items at the start of the game instead
  • Controls: Now, when opening a Chest or choosing an item at the start of the game, Survivors will use the keyboard instead of the mouse
  • Props: Improved Prop controls. Now they quickly speed up when jumping, do not shake when standing still, and their movement is smoother
  • Props: Now Props will not be able to stand up with Shift if they do not have enough space for it
  • Props: Added breaking stages for 7 old props
  • Killers: Added a new Propmachine breaking animation
  • Killers: Improved the hit system. Now, hits will reach props that are under tables and other objects
  • All maps: Now that there is the new hit system for Killers, we cleared maps of invisible collisions and unnecessary objects under tables and other similar places. Now, props will have more possibilities to hide and blend with the environment
  • Chest: Now the chance of legendary item drop, which was 10%, will now dynamically decrease to 3% if all 4 Survivor are alive, and to 6% if 3 Survivors are alive
  • Camera and Energy Drink: Temporarily removed from the game
  • Ancient Book: Now, Ancient Book makes the Survivor completely invisible

The full patch notes can be found on Propnight’s official Steam page.

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