Promotion Strategies to Double your YouTube Views

Pixabay Promotion Strategies to Double your YouTube Views

Establishing a YouTube channel requires the investment of a lot of time and effort. Even though the production of the videos is fun, you must always try your hardest for its promotion. One of the most effective things you can do is visit the best site to buy YouTube views, that will help you with your channel’s engagement. In this article, you will find additional ways for the promotion of your YouTube channel. If you implement them, you will find that your views will quickly double in number.

#1 Collaborate with Other Creators

The best way to reach your competitors’ audience is to collaborate with them. This strategy will be mutually beneficial as you will both get exposed to a different section of your target audience. Collaborations among YouTubers have been very successful for years and every successful creator has tried it. The image above shows a collaboration between three of the most popular gaming YouTubers, Markiplier, PewDiePie, and JackSepticEye. However, before you start seeking collaborations, you should at least have some fanbase. The best site to buy YouTube views will help you at the beginning.

#2 Partner with a Brand

Another type of collaboration that you can benefit from is that with a brand. For this strategy, you need to have a decent number of subscribers, as well as decent engagement. For this reason, you need to first visit the best site to buy YouTube views and then contact the brands that fit your channel. When you manage to seal the deal, you can benefit from free products to use in your videos and plenty of exposure from the brand. Moreover, you can host a giveaway in association with this brand, a thing that will raise your video views.

#3 Establish a Second Channel

If you are browsing various YouTube channels, you might have noticed that some of these YouTubers have multiple channels. This strategy is greater because it enables you to try different niches and styles, without losing your main audience. Moreover, you can use the other channels to drive traffic into your main channel. If you visit JapanesePod101, for example, you will notice that its featured channels are all about the other languages that they offer. This way, the person who is interested in learning other foreign languages can easily find what he is looking for.

#4 Use your Social Media

It is no secret that the best platforms to promote your YouTube channel is social media. These platforms are ideal for the promotion of your new content and the creation of a community around your channel. The majority of your target audience is using some social media platforms, and for this, you need to approach them there. Nevertheless, you will still need to visit the best site to buy YouTube views to boost your videos with views and likes.

#5 Take Advantage of Email Marketing

Even though email marketing isn’t the most popular way of promoting your new videos, it can still prove to be quite effective. To do this, you can start building a newsletter list that you will share all of your latest content with. The other way that you can implement email into your promotion strategy is to add a link to your YouTube channel to your email signature. This way, every recipient of your email can click on the link and watch your videos.

#6 Get your Videos Featured on Various Website

Another effective way to maximize the exposure of your videos and double your views is to get your content featured on various websites. To do that, you need to approach the websites just like you would do a brand. This means that you cannot use this strategy if you haven’t first visited the best site to buy YouTube views. However, if you do have enough subscribers, likes, and views, and high-quality content, these websites won’t turn you down. The number of views you will get from this technique will grow, depending on the number of features you will get.

#7 Start a Blog of your Own

Many of the already established YouTuber also own a personal blog. This space is a place where they can post their videos, write various articles, and even sell their merchandise. Therefore, it could be beneficial for you to start your own blog. The process of doing so is rather simple as there are many free templates that you can choose from. Yet, if you make sure that you write SEO optimized content, your videos might become available to more Internet users. Another thing that you need to remember is that when you embed your video to your blog, remember to set the autoplay on.

#8 Try YouTube Advertising

This strategy is the only one that requires you to invest some money. In fact, it is more expensive than visiting the best site to buy YouTube views. Nevertheless, YouTube advertising is a sure way to get your video featured in the suggested videos section. This is very important as videos that get there gain more views than from any other medium they have been shared. We recommend that you use this strategy as the last resort.

#9 Join Multiple Forums

Apart from social media, you can also search for online communities and forums that your audience frequents. In the image above, you see that there are multiple sub-reddits dedicated to YouTube. These online communities have a lot of potentials to help you increase your views. However, you need to remember that you can succeed there only if you become a member of the community. This means that you must just the conversations and leave useful and insightful comments.

#10 Use a Lead Magnet

The last strategy that you can use to double your views is to use a lead magnet. This strategy requires you to create something useful for your audience. The lead magnet can be a small ebook, something printable, or even a set of wallpapers. No matter what the lead magnet is, though, the user will be required to register to your mailing list to download it.

You have many options when it comes to the promotion of your YouTube channel. However, the first step must always be a visit to the best site to buy YouTube views.

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