Project Winter Coming to Xbox This Month

Look what's coming this month.
Look what's coming this month. Other Ocean

Project Winter revealed that it’s arriving on Xbox consoles in January 2021. The game offers the all-too-familiar game mechanics of resource gathering and crafting, combined with hidden-role gameplay. This allows for a challenging experience as well as intriguing gaming experiences.

The game will be offered as a free download on the Xbox Game Pass. The game will also release a version for Windows 10 during the Xbox rollout.

Other Ocean Product Director Ryan Hale said that the game is also going to offer crossplay. This will let PC and Xbox players join a community that’s “uncovering traitors, backstabbing their teammates, and battling the elements since the game’s launch.”

The game revolves around social deception and survival.

In this eight-person multiplayer game, players have been cut from all external communications. Everyone is also trapped in a place surrounded by icy tundra. With a freezing wilderness, there’s a thick blanket of paranoia and suspicion, and players need to work together to escape an approaching blizzard. Complicating matters is the rather deathly intentions of other team members.

That means survivors not only need to fight against the freezing element but also being careful of traitors in their midst. The traitors are going to do what they can like deception, sabotage, and even murder, to prevent others from escaping. Not all is lost, however, since players get access to different weapons that they can use to get the upper hand against teammates with murderous intent or even wild animals.

Hale added that the game’s “innovative proximity-based voice chat encourages players to stick together and work in groups to survive.” He explained that solo players who wander off risk their cries of help not being heard, especially when they run into trouble.

Project Winter is going to be officially available on Xbox on January 26. The game was first launched in May 2019 and is currently on Steam for $19.99. The game is developed by Other Ocean Group.

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