Project Winter Patch Notes Include Features, Game Balances, And Bug Fixes

Project Winter Update
Project Winter Update steam

Other Ocean Interactive, the developer of Project Winter, recently released a new update that adds in few features such as the ability to loot backpacks from corpses, which will allow for more resources for the survivors. You can also specify the details for each type of role when making custom games. If you had issues with animals in the past, you can now slow them down by using the tranquilizer gun. Other general bugs were also fixed in the latest update.

Project Winter Patch Notes

You can find the patch notes below:


  • Custom games can now specify the min and max counts for each type of role in the base game in addition to the min and max traitor counts
  • Custom games settings button in lobby will display an exclamation badge until the next it is pressed if the custom game settings have been updated by the host
  • Adjusted positioning and volume scaling of player proximity voice range. The radius for another player to be heard at max volume has been reduced by 75%, while the scaling is now more gradual so players will be more noticeably quiet at a distance. The positioning has also been adjusted so that players further south will no longer be easier to hear at a distance than players to the north.
  • Backpacks can now be looted from player corpses
  • Added timeline event to indicate which player initiated the escape vehicle leave sequence
  • Added new bonus objective for visiting multiple flag points during a match
  • Tranquilizer gun can now slow animals in addition to players


  • Increased points earned for most survivor repair actions (contributing repair parts, digging up items, delivering batteries and opening cipher bunkers)
  • Increased threshold for ”survive and take less than X damage from players” bonus objective from 600 to 1000 damage
  • Increased reward for “survive and take less than X damage from players”, “survive without dealing damage with ranged weapons or explosives” and “survive without dealing damage with tools” bonus objectives from 400 to 500 survivor points
  • Reduced tranquilizer gun ammo count from five to three, reduced damage to zero, increased aiming speed by 100%, increased tranquilized effect duration to 20 seconds and increased slow from 50% to 60% of based speed
  • Increased pieces of information revealed for Detective on investigation screen from three to five
  • Reduced traitor credits cost for cabin radio sabotage from 10 to five
  • Proximity traitor credits meter will now begin to drain after being out of range of survivors for several seconds rather than immediately emptying


  • Fixed issue where animals could occasionally move at much higher speeds than normal if the host of a lobby disconnects mid-game
  • Fixed issue where players muted in a lobby would sometimes not remain muted after loading into a match or after leaving and rejoining the lobby
  • Fixed issue where melee weapons could sometimes not be equipped after being looted from a player corpse
  • Fixed issue where minimap could remain visible after solar flare event teleport if player enters cabin just prior to teleport occurring
  • Fixed neutral role players awarding “survivors stopped” points if the game ends while they are still alive
  • Fixed custom game settings button in lobby not adjusting position after clicking on another player in the lobby and seeing the player options dropdown
  • Fixed error message that could appear after cancelling out of the custom game settings screen from the host game popup and then reopening it
  • Fixed various issues with controller navigation
  • Fixed several issues where player could clip into or get stuck in environment objects
  • Fixed apply and revert buttons being visible on custom game settings screen when pressed from within a lobby while not the host of the lobby
  • Fixed cases where damage to animals may not be reflected correctly if the host has disconnected
  • Fixed issues with ordering of certain popups on main menu
  • Fixed player count in lobby sometimes not reflecting the correct number of players
  • Fixed traitor credits indicator remaining visible for dead traitors cloned into survivors
  • Fixed issue where items on breakable bridges would sometimes not fall after bridge was sabotage
  • Fixed particle effects on items being briefly visible where the item was previously positioned if it was dropped in one location, picked up and then equipped in a different one
  • [Blackout] Fixed issue where Whisperer converts would not correctly join the red radio channel if they were converted while already holding a radio and later dropped it

There have also been multiple new cosmetic items to earn that have been added into Project Winter.

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