‘Prison Break’ Season 5: New Footage Teases Michael & Sara’s Reunion

prison break season 5 resurrection air date
'Resurrection' is the official title of 'Prison Break' Season 5. Fox

The Prison Break Season 5 trailers released so far haven’t been nearly as jam-packed full of action as the two Prison Break TV spots Fox released today. Explosions, prison riots, Dominic Purcell punching through walls, planes flying over the desert, ISIL troops gearing up for attack with machine guns and (most importantly) Michael and Sara’s reunion.

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In addition to all the spoilers we got last week in a special Prison Break Season 5 episode, we also get a nice tidbit from Lincoln here. “Things have changed in the four years you’ve been locked up,” Linc tells Michael.

Michael has been gone for eight years, so it appears he’s only been locked up for half of that time. Whatever trouble he got into, ISIL seems to be directly involved. In the first teaser, Michael is being held with a knife to the throat.

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Last week, we learned T-Bag is given a folder upon his release from prison, which contains the evidence Michael is still alive. Who instructed the prison guard to give T-Bag that folder? Do you think Michael orchestrated his own death?

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Prison Break airs April 4 on Fox.

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