Prison Architect: Second Chances Now Live

It's not all hard time.
It's not all hard time. Paradox Interactive

Prisons aren't just about giving prisoners a hard time. More often than not, it’s also about giving them another chance to return to society. That’s pretty much what the latest expansion of Prison Architect offers. Dubbed as Second Chances, it introduces programs that players can implement to reform and rehabilitate prisoners. It does that by improving not only their mental health but also their disposition.

You can watch the launch trailer below:

Key features of the new expansion include:

  • Return to Reform
    • Implement non-work programs like Former Prisoner Classes, Meet & Greet, and even Animal Therapy.
    • These different programs can remove the negative traits of inmates and improve their behavior.
  • Good Behavior
    • Depending on their actions, inmates can have their sentences reduced or increased.
    • It’s now possible to send re-offenders back to prison.
    • Players get fined for each re-offender.
  • Room for Improvement
    • Inmates that have existing or earned work credentials can become vendors to prisoners and visitors in inmate-run rooms.
    • These include a Bakery, Restaurant, and Therapy Room.
  • Back to Society
    • Inmates get to earn work credentials through experience by taking different work and training programs.

Steam Offers

On Steam, Second Chances is offered with a 10% discount on all platforms until June 22.

Steam users also get to enjoy up to 75% off items in the Total Lockdown bundle. It includes the base game, Psych Ward: Warden’s Edition, Island Bound, Going Green, and Second Chances. This offer is available until June 24.

New Content Update

Being released along with the new expansion is a free content update dubbed as The Pen. It introduces a lot of new features like the Custom Intake where players are given more flexibility in scheduling and restricting prisoner intake. There is also Narcotic Search where K-9 units and their handlers can search for drugs through existing Shakedown or Tunnel Search options.

Other additions to the game that arrived with the new update include Staff Keys Policy and Reception Quick Room. Plus, the update now lets prisoners use recreational facilities in their free time.

Prison Architect: Second Chances is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One for $5.99. The version for the Nintendo Switch is scheduled to arrive on June 29.

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