Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown Launches on January 18

A new adventure awaits you. Ubisoft

A new adventure awaits you when Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown comes out this January 18. This Metroidvania-inspired 2.5D action platforming is going to be available for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and the Nintendo Switch. It's also going to be released for the PC through the Ubisoft Store and the Epic Games Store.

For those who are curious to see what the game has to offer, a free demo is set to available for all platforms on January 11. Meanwhile, those who have a Ubisoft+ subscription can enjoy the game three days early starting January 15.

The demo introduces players to Sargon, the youngest member of the elite group of warriors known as the Immortals. The group is searching the deadly and mysterious Mount Qaf to look for the kidnapped Prince Ghassan. As Sargon, players get to fight against mythical beasts, face deadly traps, and discover the secrets that lies behind the time anomalies which have shattered the landscape.

Features of the game are:

  • Unleash Your Inner Warrior
    • Use Time Powers, combat, and platforming skills to perform deadly combos and defeat time-corrupted enemies and mythological creatures.
    • Acquire and equip new Amulets at shopkeepers.
  • The Prodigious Mount Qaf
    • Discover a cursed Persian-inspired world that's filled with larger-than-life landmarks.
    • Explore different highly detailed biomes, each one having its own identity, wonder, and danger.
  • Live an Epic Adventure
    • Get to be immersed in a Persian mythological​ fantasy through an intriguing and original story.
    • Cross paths with colorful characters to better unravel the mysteries of Mount Qaf.
    • Use those wits to solve puzzles, find hidden treasures, and complete quests to learn more about this corrupted place.

Pre-Order Now

Pre-order of the game is now available with the Standard Edition available for $49.99. The Deluxe Edition meanwhile is priced at $59.99 and comes with the Deluxe Pack which offers in-game content that include the Immortal outfit for Sargon, Prosperity Bird Amulet, and even a Digital Adventure Guide. This edition also gives three days early access to the game.

Those who pre-order, whether with the Standard Edition or Deluxe Edition, can obtain the pre-order bonus which is the Warrior Within outfit for Sargon.

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