‘Prey’ Weapons and Ammo Guide: Where To Find Fabrication Plans And More

If you’re reading this guide it’s because you’re missing something in Prey : gloo canisters, 9mm bullets, shotgun shells with no shotgun, anything to kill Typhon other than a wrench. You’re probably panicking at this point. It’s ok, we’ve got you covered. Here’s the locations of weapons and ammo fabrication plans that will help you out in the game.

We’re assuming so far you’ve picked up the wrench, gloo cannon, silenced pistol and the huntress bolster. These weapons are easy to spot. The wrench you pick up in the apartment scene during the game’s opener and you’ll spot the gloo cannon and silenced pistol on the way to Morgan Yu’s office. They should be in plain sight. The huntress boltcaster is located in the Sales Division office on the third floor of the Talos I Lobby. Mary Malinaro, from Psychotronics, is responsible for creating the fabrication license for the huntress boltcaster and its ammo. Find her computer and you should be able to download the file.

Now for the stuff that’s not so easy to find when you’re trying to hide from Typhon.

Pro-tip: Resources are limited. There’s only so many plants, banana peels, typhon organs, etc. You’ll find yourself always running low on crafting supplies. Be mindful what you decide to craft.


We cannot stress enough the importance of taking your time when exploring each aspect of Talos I. There are things in plain sight you may overlook because you’re too busy trying to reach your next objective. The first shotgun can be found in Sarah Elazar’s office in Talos I’s lobby. If you miss the first one, try looking in lockers within security booths. Shotguns are most effective on mimics and corrupted operators. You might want to use the gloo cannon to immobilize other enemies and then use the shotgun, if it’s your only option.

Pro-tip: Look for corpses dress in security officer uniforms. They’ll always have ammo and possibly a weapon.

You want the Q-Beam ASAP in Prey.
You want the Q-Beam ASAP in Prey. Bethesda


The only Q-Beam we’ve found so far is found in the Beams and Waves Lab in the Hardware Lab. We haven’t located any more on Talos I since. The good news is this is the BEST weapon against Typhon. The bad news is, the weapon was “in development” on Talos I, which means Q-Beam Cells lying around Talos I are virtually non-existent. You’ll pick up a handful when searching bodies, but you’ll want to find the fabrication license for Q-Beam cells ASAP. The license is located in Deep Storage inside the Command Center’s safe.

The Q-Beam is also the first weapon you’ll want to upgrade. Once you’ve unlocked the Lab Tech I and Lab Tech II abilities, you’ll gain access to upgrading the weapon’s overall power and firing time. You’ll be glad you invested in this weapon.

Pro-tip: Electric-based weapons like the Q-Beam and Gloo Cannon can be temporarily disabled by Typhons with electrical attacks. It freaking sucks, so be sure you sneak up on Voltaic Phantoms and Technopaths with the Q-Beam when possible.


We’ve also have a list of other fabrication licenses we’ve found on Talos I thus far.

  • Shotgun shell plans found in Armory

  • Hypo Sci plans found in level 2 Psychotronics in live exam room on the corpse on the floor

  • Anti Rad plans are in Psychotronics level 1, next to a computer in the corner of the morgue

  • Suit Repair Kit fabrication plan is located in GUTS on the research level next to Laurel Davis’ dead body

  • Medkit fabrication plan is located in the Trauma Center on Regina Sellers’ desk

  • Gloo Canister fabrication plan is located inside Morgan Yu’s safe

Have you found any useful fabrication plans aboard Talos I? Let us know in the comments below.

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